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When will the only child paid nursing leave be implemented in 8 provinces?

it is no longer extravagant to ask for leave to accompany the only child when their parents are ill and hospitalized. For those children who work in other places, do they feel guilty sometimes that their parents are ill and can't go to the front to take care of them? Now the state officially issues a notice that it's time to show filial piety to their parents by implementing paid nursing leave for the only child in 8 provinces. Sometimes it's more important to go home and accompany their parents.

According to the press conference of the national Aging office's "top ten aging news" in 2017: by the end of 2017, 8 provinces had established the nursing leave system for the elderly with only child families through local legislation, including Henan, Guangxi, Fujian, etc. For example, Henan stipulates that the nursing leave for the only child is accumulated for 20 days every year, and the salary and welfare benefits during the period of accompany remain unchanged.

Over the years, public opinion has been calling for the establishment of the one-child care leave, and representatives of the people's Congress and members of the CPPCC have made suggestions on this. Now, eight provinces have transformed the folk voice into local laws and regulations, which is undoubtedly a commendable thing.

From the perspective of system design, it is naturally a good thing to introduce the nursing leave for the only child, and its full policy goodwill is also warm, but whether the good policy can be implemented remains to be seen. As many people worry, the only child care leave is related to the interests of all parties. If there is no follow-up supporting policies, it is likely to become a 'paper right'.

It is the embodiment of social progress to continuously improve the welfare treatment of workers, including the increase of leave welfare. To ensure the implementation of good policies, in addition to relying on the consciousness of the employer, it is also necessary to take this opportunity to promote enterprises to formulate detailed rules based on their own industry characteristics, so that good policies are not out of tune in the implementation. At the same time, the relevant departments should also establish a supporting system which is connected with the whole society and compatible with each other, so that "paid nursing leave" can become the real right of children and the real welfare of the elderly.