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How to remove the peculiar smell at home

How to remove the peculiar smell at home

There are all kinds of peculiar smell in the house. After cleaning, there is still peculiar smell in the ventilation and windows. Corrugation specially sorted out the following in addition to the smell of small coup, general people I don't tell him, quickly mark good!

1. Toilet odor

Generally speaking, because the toilet is a place for defecation, and it is often in the shade of the house, the place with the worst ventilation and lighting, so the smell is also relatively large.

Put a small bottle of cool oil in the corner of the toilet after opening the lid, which can deodorize and repel mosquitoes.

2. Kitchen odor

Kitchen odors come from cooking. The range hood often can't clean up the fumes,

Love spicy stir fry, over time, the kitchen is filled with a taste of food.

Put a little vinegar in the pot to heat and evaporate, and the smell in the kitchen will be reduced.

3. Refrigerator odor

Food stored in the refrigerator for a long time, the refrigerator will produce a peculiar smell. Put slices of lemon into the refrigerator, and try bailing. I don't tell most people. Lemon taste is exciting but fresh. A small lemon is cut into slices. Put a few slices in the freezer and freezer respectively. After a few days, the smell will disappear.

4. Smoke smell

I can't give up smoking. The smell of smoking is very strong at home. Often open the window ventilation, air circulation in order to smoke out.

The waste tea dregs are dried in the sun and put in the corner of the room. The tea can absorb the smoke smell. Or a little vinegar dissolved in water, and then the towel soaked in vinegar, and then the towel waving in the room, you can quickly remove the smell of smoke.

5. The drawer is moldy

Drawers and wardrobes are hard to see light and ventilate, so as time goes by, they often smell musty. Mr. Chen's room, in particular, seldom lives at home, and the goods are overstocked for a long time, then they smell musty.

You can put a piece of soap in it; you can also put the dried tea dregs into gauze bags and put them everywhere, which can not only remove the moldy smell, but also send out the delicate fragrance.

6. Pet smell

If there's a meow at home, run up and down. The floor and sofa all smell like cats.

You can light a few candles in the room and keep them for 20-30 minutes. You can use smoke to eliminate peculiar smell;

You can also spray some special deodorant on your pet, which can decompose the odor molecules into carbon dioxide and water, so as to quickly and safely deodorize.

Up and down at home. The floor and sofa all smell like cats.