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How to choose Korla Fragrant Pear

Korla pear is sweet, crisp and delicious. Everyone likes to eat it. But every time you buy it, it tastes different. In fact, it's a matter of selection. So what kind of Korla pear is good and how to choose it? Let's take a look.

In 1985, Korla fragrant pear was rated as a high quality fruit in China. In 1999, Korla Pear became an important fruit industry in the world.

Korla Fragrant Pear is registered as a geographical indication by the fragrant pear Association of Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, with the registration number of 892019. The product category is fragrant pear. The geographical scope is south Bayinguoleng and Southeast Aksu, Xinjiang, with the specific scope of Kongque River Basin and Tarim River Basin, the northern edge of Taklimakan Desert, and the severe impact zone of cold and hot air: Korla, Yuli and lunshan Taiwan, Kuqa, Xinhe, Shaya, Aksu, Awati and state-owned parks (regiments) distributed in these areas.

Today's Korla Fragrant Pear production area, with Korla City as the center, extends westward and southward to the East-West region of Aksu, which is more than 250 kilometers long. Choose high-quality fragrant pear, you can start from the following aspects: time: after September to buy fragrant pear is really fragrant pear. It has enough water, more juice and less residue. The fragrant pears sold prematurely in the market are not the fragrant pears certified by Korla official letter. They are picked prematurely for the benefit of the market. Skin: the skin of high-quality fragrant pear is thin and crisp, the surface is delicate, and the skin will form a natural fruit. The fruit on the side of direct sunlight has a natural red halo. Some pears sold in the market are protruding in shape, rough in surface and not delicate in taste. Weight: the weight of a single fruit should be controlled at 120-140g. The shape of the fruit is small, which is suitable for one person to eat. Generally, one person can eat three pears, instead of uneven weight.

The above is a good introduction to what kind of Korla is. After understanding, we know that the more beautiful the food is, the better. There are certain ways to choose simple things like food materials. Friends who like to eat Korla can have a try.