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Is sun Honglei's daughter born? Who is sun Honglei's wife

Is sun Honglei's daughter born? Who is sun Honglei's wife Sun Honglei's many roles in movies and TV plays are deeply rooted in people's hearts and loved by the public. In the extreme challenge, sun Honglei's witty, bold and cheerful character makes people feel that his heart is different from his appearance. However, sun Honglei has a fatherly heart. Every time he meets a child, he will become soft and delicate. It seems that his father's love is rampant. Has sun Honglei achieved his goal this time?

Is sun Honglei's daughter born?

At 10:01 on December 16, sun Honglei tweeted: "today, my baby daughter was born, and my mother and daughter are safe.". The first time to share with you, thank all people, love you, grateful. All star fans are blessing under the microblog. More netizens joked that children must look like their mothers, especially their eyes. Others say that there will be another daughter slave in the entertainment circle.

Who is sun Honglei's wife? Do you have any personal data?

Honglei and his wife Wang jundi got married in 2014. Before that, the media took pictures of Wang jundi's belly bulging and shopping. It was suspected that he was pregnant. Although brother Honglei didn't directly admit it, he would definitely share the good news with you.

In August, sun Honglei tweeted that "three people should spend Valentine's day together", suggesting that the child would be born before Valentine's day. This morning, sun Honglei announced to be a dad on Weibo, and shared it with you as soon as possible. It's really a matter of words.

Wang jundi, female, born in Dandong, Liaoning Province in 1985, graduated from Vienna Conservatory of music. She is 177cm tall, sun Honglei's wife, cheerful and has a wide range of hobbies. Master's degree in vocal music, major in film and television, model, piano and jazz drum. She is now working as a soprano in a troupe in Beijing.

In 2005, Wang jundi participated in a Chinese singing competition held by Phoenix TV in Europe. At that time, a staff member asked her if she wanted to participate in Miss Universe beauty pageant, and mailed the form if she wanted to.

Then she wanted to have a try, filled in the form and passed the competition of the German division of the European division, and then she got the qualification to come to Beijing for training in the Paris competition of the European division and successfully entered the top 50.

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