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What is the origin of Christmas? How do Westerners spend Christmas?

Christmas, the 25th of December every year, is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, known as Christmas. Next week is Christmas. Do you want to know how to spend Christmas? What's the origin of Christmas?

From December 24 to January 6 of the following year for the Christmas period. During the festival, Christians all over the world hold a grand memorial ceremony. Christmas is originally a Christian festival. Because people attach great importance to it, it has become a national festival. The biggest festival of the year can be compared with the new year, similar to the Spring Festival in China.

Westerners take red, green and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every family will decorate with Christmas colors. There are Christmas flowers and candles in red and Christmas trees in green. It is the main ornament of Christmas. It is decorated with evergreen trees like fir and cypress. There are colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers hanging on it, and Christmas candles are lit.

Red and white contrast is Santa Claus, he is the most popular figure in Christmas activities. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, Western children should put a sock in front of the fireplace or beside the pillow, waiting for Santa to put the gift in the sock after they fall asleep. In the west, playing Santa Claus is also a custom.

Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve is also known as Christmas Eve. On that night, the whole family will gather in the living room, sing Christmas songs around the Christmas tree, exchange gifts, share the joys and sorrows of life, and express inner blessings and love. In this evening, we will see a group of cute little boys or girls, playing guitar with poetry, singing poetry and good news.

Christmas party: an indispensable program for Christmas. There are family style, friend style and lover style song like party. A good time for friendship, family, love parties. Wearing a Christmas hat, singing a Christmas song, talking about everyone's Christmas wishes.

Christmas dinner: as a long Chongqing Festival, Christmas can not be without delicious food. Christmas turkey dinner is a regular main course. People used to make it by themselves with microwave ovens. People ate out in restaurants for a lot of holidays. Businesses also take advantage of opportunities to earn customers' money. Of course, there are many Christmas food, gingerbread, candy and so on.

Christmas hat: it's a red hat. It's said that in addition to sleeping safely and a little warm at night, you will find more gifts from your beloved in the hat the next day. In the carnival night, it is the main character of the whole show. No matter where you go, you will see all kinds of red hats, some with shiny tips and some with glittering gold.

Christmas socks: they used to be a pair of big red socks. Most of them are OK. Because Christmas socks are used to hold gifts. Children's favorite things. At night, they hang their socks by the bed and wait for the next morning's reception. What if someone sends a car for Christmas? Better ask him to write a check and put it in his socks.

Christmas card: Christmas and new year's greeting cards, printed with pictures of the birth of Jesus, as well as' Christmas and happy New Year 'and other wishes.

Carols: a hymn sung at Christmas is called a 'Christmas Carol'. There are many Christmas carols, most of which are from famous musicians. They often sing "joy to the world!", "hark! The herald angels sing", "I heard the bells on Christmas Day", among which "silent night" is the most famous.

Christmas tree: it is said that in the 16th century, the Germans first took the evergreen pine and cypress branches to the house for decoration. Later, the German missionary Martin Luther put the candle on the fir branches in the forest, and then lit it, making it look like the star light that led people to Bethlehem, just like the Oriental three doctors found Jesus according to the stars in the sky two thousand years ago. Today, people have replaced candles with small light bulbs. It is said that a farmer received a hungry and cold child in a snowy Christmas night, and let him have a rich Christmas dinner. When the child said goodbye, he folded a fir branch and stuck it on the ground and said with blessing: 'every year on this day, the gift is full, stay in this beautiful fir Village and repay your kindness. After the child left, the farmer found that the branch had turned into a small tree, and he realized that he had received a messenger from God. This story became the source of the Christmas tree. In the west, whether Christian or not, a Christmas tree should be prepared for Christmas to increase the festive atmosphere. The Christmas tree is usually made of evergreen trees such as fir and cypress, which symbolizes the longevity of life. The trees are decorated with lights, candles, colorful flowers, toys, stars, and Christmas presents. On Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree and enjoy themselves.