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How to exchange railway points for tickets? How many points can I exchange for a ticket?

railway points can even be exchanged for tickets. Is it very happy for people who often travel? China Railway Corporation announced today that since December 20, 2017, the railway department has launched the "railway free" frequent passenger membership service. In other words, you can accumulate points to change tickets by train!

A natural person over 12 years old can become a regular passenger member of "railway free travel" after actively applying for and completing identity authentication through 12306 website (including mobile app), station special window and other channels provided by the railway department.

Regular railway passenger members will get the corresponding riding points when they purchase tickets, and the points will be accumulated according to the ticket price they purchase (specifically, the points will be accumulated according to 5 times the face price of the ticket, that is, the passengers will get 500 points when they purchase 100 yuan tickets). For the first time, if the score reaches more than 10000 points, you will be eligible to exchange points, which can be used to exchange train tickets of the train number designated by the railway department.

The passenger who uses the ticket exchanged can be the member himself or the transferee he has set. At present, the valid certificates for applying for railway frequent flyer members include resident identity card, Hong Kong and Macao residents' pass to and from the mainland, Taiwan residents' pass to and from the mainland, passport, etc.

As for the details of the regular passenger service, the passenger friends can log in the 12306 website of the railway customer service center, call the 12306 customer service number or go to the window of each major station for consultation.