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Collection of Moby bike charging standards how to charge for less than half an hour

The emergence of shared bikes greatly facilitates people's travel and life. In the city where Xiaobian is located, mobike has the most bikes. Mobike, the English name is mobike. Now the orange bikes can be seen on the street. What's the charge standard for mobike? How can mobike charge for less than half an hour?

I. how to charge for Moby bike

1. The threshold for use is 1 yuan, which is 1 yuan in half an hour

2. If the score is lower than 80, the price will be adjusted to 5 yuan / half an hour.

2. How to charge for Moby bike less than half an hour

If the charge is less than half an hour or half an hour, it means that the threshold for use is 1 yuan, whether it is one minute, ten minutes or half an hour. Just like the bus, one yuan or two yuan start, which is necessary.

Moby bike charging standard: how to charge for Moby bike

Compared with the traditional rental bicycle, Mobai bicycle abandons the fixed piles and allows users to park their bikes in any parking area marked by the government. This approach gives users full freedom, but at the same time, there are many problems. In just four months since its launch, Moby bikes have constantly burst out QR codes, cushions, etc., which have been artificially damaged. The car body has been pasted with small advertisements. Some people even take the car back to the community, company and home, lock it for private use. Although the point system was implemented at the beginning, the score was lower than 80 points, and the price was adjusted to 5 yuan / half an hour, many people chose to ignore the use rules in the face of lower illegal cost.

III. what is integral

In the face of such embarrassment, Moby bike began to implement the enhanced 'credit score' system one month ago: each user default 100 points credit score as the starting score, the highest score is 10000, and the lowest score is 0. If the credit score is reduced to zero due to continuous violation of the single vehicle use rules, the user's account will be permanently frozen. Points will be deducted for two consecutive parking violations, and will be sealed for one week. When the credit score is less than 80, the rental price will be adjusted to 100 yuan / half an hour. At the same time, users can get points through normal riding, reporting faults, reporting violations, etc. if the credit score reaches more than 80 points, it will recover 1 yuan / half an hour.

If it is a new user who has not yet registered, after scanning the code, the system will automatically jump to an app application download channel of Mobai bicycle, download and open the app, register with Shiming certification, pay a deposit of 299 yuan and recharge a certain amount, then click Scan to unlock, wait for a few seconds, the car lock will be opened, and the app will start charging on time.

At this time, you can use the two bicycles. After arriving at the destination, find the area where you can park the bicycles on the side of the road, pull down the lock switch, and the bicycles will be locked in a few seconds. The app system displays that the car is locked, stops timing and pays. At present, the use cost of Moby bike is 1 yuan per half hour, which is equivalent to the price level of taking bus.