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Seven kinds of pain may be the omen of serious illness

in the life of cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, migraine, periarthritis of shoulder & hellip; & hellip;, many parts of human body will be attacked by chronic pain. Before anything happens, there will be some signs, so will the human body. Some simple pain symptoms may be the 'distress signal' your body sends you. If they are ignored, they can even be fatal in severe cases.

[1. Severe back pain] laceration pain in lumbosacral region can not be relieved by hot compress, rest and taking painkillers. Possible disease: if not caused by external force, sudden severe back pain may be a sign of aneurysm expansion or rupture. The most serious one is abdominal aortic aneurysm, which is very dangerous. If it ruptures, the patient will die within a few minutes. Another possibility is kidney stones, which can also be painful. How to solve: determine the condition of aneurysm by CT scan, and doctors will take conservative medical treatment or surgical treatment according to the actual situation of patients.

[2. Temporary chest pain] temporary chest pain is like being pressed by a big stone, sometimes accompanied by inexplicable fear. Possible disease: angina or myocardial infarction. Even if the pain lasts for a short time, immediate medical attention is needed. The death rate of heart attack within 3-4 hours after the first symptom appeared was as high as 50%. How to solve it: doctors will decide whether to take medicine treatment, interventional treatment or cardiac bypass surgery according to the examination results and the patient's own situation.

[3. Abdominal pain] the general feeling of abdominal pain is that the intestine is like a knife, the stomach is like a needle, and there is a bullet in the stomach. Possible diseases: gastrointestinal perforation, appendicitis, pancreatitis or cholecystitis. If the pain is located in the right lower abdomen and the leukocyte is increased, it may be appendicitis; if the pain is located in the upper abdomen and the leukocyte is increased, it may be the pain caused by gastric perforation and cholecystitis; if it is the pain under the sternum and the content of some enzymes in the blood is increased, it may be the pancreatic gland inflammation. How to deal with it: these organs can be fatal in case of serious infection, so go to see a doctor as soon as possible.

[4. Persistent foot pain or calf pain] persistent foot pain or calf pain, rest, ibuprofen and paracetamol are ineffective. Possible disease: stress fracture (bone fracture). If the normal exercise intensity is too high, the bone does not have a chance to heal, as time goes by, it will appear. How to solve it: stop all movement before fracture healing. See a doctor in time. If the situation is serious, you need to cast plaster for several weeks.

[5. Leg pain with swelling] the swelling, tenderness and fever in the lower leg are like being baked from inside to outside by slow fire. Possible disease: deep vein thrombosis. There will be pain and swelling due to the blockage of the calf vein. How to solve it: massage and rubbing can be very bad, because it may cause large blood clots to run into the lungs, causing fatal consequences. Doctors will use drugs to dissolve thrombus, or use interventional or surgical methods to remove thrombus.

[6. Pain in micturition] pain in micturition refers to severe pain in micturition, sometimes with rust color. Possible diseases: bladder infection or bladder cancer. Pain and hematuria are typical symptoms of bladder cancer. How to solve: urinalysis can eliminate bacterial infection; if it is bladder tumor, it can be treated by surgery, or by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

[7. Sudden pain in the groin] the sudden pain in the groin is like being kicked under the waist, sometimes accompanied by swelling. Possible diseases: testicular torsion or epididymitis. If testicular torsion is treated within 4-6 hours, it can usually be saved; after 12-24 hours, it may miss the opportunity of treatment. How to solve: urologists can skillfully solve testicular torsion through surgery. If it's just epididymal infection, antibiotics will work.