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Why is lip always desquamate? How should lip always desquamate alleviate?

When the weather is dry, many people will have mouth peeling, which makes many people feel very troubled. Mouth peeling affects the image very much, and makes many people feel very scared. So, let's make up for you to introduce why the lips are always peeling, hope to help you.

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The reason why lips always peel

Dry caused cheilitis climate dry autumn and winter season, the human body's moisture easily through sweating, breathing and a lot of loss, causing dry face and lips, often a piece of peeling, so we should do a good job to prevent drying. On the basis of keeping warm, you should drink more boiled water, light tea, fruit juice, soybean milk, milk and other liquid to nourish yin and moisten dryness, and make up for the loss of water. Diet: eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Most vegetables and fruits have the effect of generating fluid, moistening dryness, eliminating heat and defecating. In addition, you can eat more clear tonics such as honey, lily, lotus seed, etc

The main reason is that the lip mucous membrane is only composed of mucous membrane, without external cutin skin protection, so the water volatilization is strong, coupled with the cold winter, leading to blood contraction, and then the blood supply is reduced, so it is easy to appear dry peeling. At the same time, if you often lick with your tongue, it will aggravate. Oral Ziyin qingweihuo Chinese patent medicine, such as, Kouyanqing granules or Sanhuang tablets, take some tablets, then take some metronidazole tablets or Roxithromycin Capsules for anti-inflammatory, topical medicine can wipe some anti-inflammatory or anti allergic paste.

It may be cheilitis. You can take vitamin B2, B1, VC and ve orally, especially B2 plays a major role (cheilitis is related to vitamin B2 deficiency). In addition, during the day, you can apply ve and aureomycin eye ointment on your lips to keep your lips moist and anti-inflammatory. At night, you can boil licorice with water to make concentrated juice (about 7-8 hours) and put it into a small bottle to apply on your lips. About a week or two. You can also boil it with sesame oil, soak it in Coptis after leaving the fire, and wipe your lips with Coptis oil. Or 21 jinvita.

It is suggested that you take zinc gluconate orally or vitamin B at the same time. You should drink more water and eat more vegetables. Don't eat monosodium glutamate and chicken essence, because this will increase the elimination of zinc. Zinc deficiency will lead to this disease. It is suggested that you must ban smoking and alcohol, Spicy food. Huahuasu tablets have good effect.

Lip always peeling care

1. remember to apply lip balm to wash your face and three meals. Add a protective film to your lips to prevent moisture loss.

2. even in winter, it is best to use lip balm with sunscreen.

3. Get rid of the habit of licking your lips. That will lick the lip gloss coated on the lips, lose the protective layer, and accelerate the evaporation of the lips.

4. Remove the dead skin of lips regularly to make lips moist and healthy. Remember to do it when your lips are fully moist, for example, after a bath, the action must be gentle. Care for normal skin once a week.

5. If the lips are very dry and peeling, special care should be given to the lips. First wipe the lips with a wet towel, then wipe up the water, then apply the lip balm containing Calendula, chamomile essence, beeswax, aloe vera and tea tree oil. After a week's continuous care, the lips will be restored to moist.

6. if your lips are free from dandruff, do not tear them hard with your hands. Apply hot towels for a while until skin softens and then apply lip gloss to protect them.

7. There is a simple, effective and cheap way to save the 'critically ill' lips. Cover the lips with a cup filled with boiling water for a while, let the steam fully soak the dry lips, and then apply sesame oil to lock the water. After several days of continuous improvement.

Prevention of lip peeling

1. Drink plenty of water and keep plenty of water.

2. Usually eat more fresh vegetables, such as cabbage, radish and so on.

3, you can bring a lipstick in your pocket, you can paint if your lips are dry.

4. If you can't replenish water in time, you can lick your lips with your tongue and moisten them.