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Why can sole desquamate? What does sole desquamate remedial method have?

The main symptom of plantar desquamate is a common symptom. Some common symptoms of plantar desquamate are mainly desquamate. Serious patients will also cause other types of foot diseases, and the early symptoms are mainly vitamin B deficiency. So, let's make up for you to introduce the reasons for the sole peeling, hope to help you.

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Causes of desquamate of sole of foot

Beriberi causes peeling of the soles of the feet

Beriberi is a very common fungal skin disease, commonly seen in male friends, of course, female friends are also more common, the cause of beriberi is mainly caused by dermatophytes, beriberi has serious procedures, the plantar easily sweating person is more serious, dermatophytes easy to breed and spread, so this kind of friend prone to plantar peeling. Have beriberi friends must pay attention to foot hygiene, frequently wash feet, frequently change shoes.

Dry skin causes peeling of the soles of the feet

People with dry skin are easy to cause hand and foot peeling. The main reason is that dry feet lead to insufficient oxygen or water supply of foot epidermal cells, resulting in necrosis of foot epidermal cells. The main season is autumn and winter. Such friends need more water, eat more vegetables, can effectively alleviate the symptoms.

Lack of vitamin E in the body leads to peeling of the soles of the feet

Lack of vitamin E friends prone to symptoms of foot peeling, the main reason is the lack of some trace vitamins needed by the human body, leading to skin necrosis and peeling. This kind of friend suggests to eat more fruits and vegetables at ordinary times, also can eat some vitamin E appropriately.

Exfoliative keratolaxis

Exfoliative keratolaxis can not only cause plantar peeling, serious friends can also cause pain in the sole of the foot, walking difficulties and so on.

Treatment of sole peeling

The hero who can cure this small problem is to soak his feet every day. For the convenience of foot soaking, you can configure a plug-in foot soaking device. Of course, if you are patient, you can buy a wooden bucket that can soak your legs, but the heating of the bucket is troublesome, especially in the winter when the outside temperature is low, you don't keep heating the water in. As long as you install water and set the temperature, you can soak your feet while reading, watching TV, surfing the Internet and listening to music. Generally, in winter, I set the temperature at 45 or 46 ℃ and in summer at 43 or 44 ℃. After soaking my feet, I feel a little sweat on my back, forehead and nose. It's a wonderful thing to let the waste go with sweat every day. I think the sole peeling should be a principle of finger peeling, a manifestation of body self detoxification. The time to soak your feet depends on your system. Generally speaking, you don't need to sweat profusely. Sweat is the liquid of your heart. Sweating too much every day is not a good thing for people with weak constitution, the elderly and children. Therefore, it's the best state to sweat slightly. Occasionally, you can also massage the reflexes in combination with the plantar acupoint map (refer to the reflexes in 2 and 3 of seeking medical advice, which are introduced in great detail).

Of course, if the physique is weak, it is not recommended to massage the soles of the feet every day. It is easy to introduce Qi and blood into the lower limbs, causing discomfort in the body. Some people's feet are very dark or dark after soaking. This is evidence that your body is cold. Don't worry, just keep soaking. If there is no professional guidance, the general use of white blisters on it, wormwood and other traditional Chinese medicine according to the physical condition, can not be used every day, easy to play a reaction. Don't be impatient. It's very important to have a good attitude. No matter when you are dealing with diseases, or when you are dealing with undesirable things in your work and life, don't think about solving any problems at once. Everything should be done step by step and don't pursue quick results

Suggestions for peeling sole

The feet are always peeling, a very common fungal infectious skin disease. It is suggested to wipe the feet with iodine tampon every night, and deionize them with 75% medical alcohol after three to five minutes. Afterwards, dry cotton strips should be wound between the toes to keep the local dryness. For seven to ten consecutive days, beriberi is easy to recur. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to wiping the feet with iodine alcohol, scalding the socks, wearing less travel shoes and more cloth shoes.

Every night with hot water feet, Shujin Huoxue. Remember to dry your feet after soaking. The reason why you have a lot of beriberi is because your feet are wet. If there are peeling or small cracks between the feet, you can apply some skin medicine after drying. For example, professional foot deodorant has American foot care, which is very good. Then remember to take a cotton or paper towel and put it between your feet.