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Why can the child speak not clear? How should the child speak not clear to do?

Now the children's competition pressure is increasing, parents are afraid that their children will lose in the 'starting line'. Often some parents come to see a doctor for examination because their children's pronunciation is not clear. So what's the reason for the children's unclear speech? The following is the arrangement made up for you by Xiaobian, hoping to be useful to you.

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Why children don't speak clearly

The speed of language development is very slow

At the age of language learning, normal children can master a lot of vocabulary in a year, especially at the age of 3-5. But children with language retardation can only master four or five words a year, and it takes a lot of effort.

The level of language development is lower than that of normal children, and various errors often occur

Some doctors listed some common language retardation phenomena, such as:

They can't speak or are difficult to understand; they can only speak one sound, such as the first or last sound of a language; they can't speak backwards, confused or omitted;

There are few words, immature speech, no organization and no clue;

They often use baby language or onomatopoeia, such as barking instead of dogs and meow instead of cats;

Speaking intermittently, sentences are incoherent, only words, not sentences;

From a certain point on, they don't learn to speak any more;

There are no auxiliary words, conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs and other modifiers;

Without the concept of time, we can't distinguish the meanings of yesterday, today and tomorrow in sentences.

Of course, to judge whether a child has language retardation, we must also combine with his physiological age, and carry out detailed examination and evaluation. For preschool children, even if there are some of the above language symptoms, parents should not blindly believe that they have language retardation, send their children to the children's Hospital for examination, which is more reassuring.

What to do if the child doesn't speak clearly?

1. Pronunciation training

1. Tongue function training; stretching tongue, licking upper and lower lips, tongue tip movement, tongue and accessory muscle group movement.

2. Tongue movement training: blowing, lip movement.

2. Understanding ability training

1. Language comprehension training: hearing (such as naming), vision (seeing pictures, objects, etc.)

2. Nonverbal comprehension training: understand gestures, identify frequently heard sounds, and clap hands with music rhythm.

3. Expression training

1. Language expression training

Imitate pronunciation, practice pronunciation, name objects in pictures, imitate actions, practice speaking and retell stories.

2. Nonverbal expression ability training: to express the need and the purpose of the object.