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Who is Huang Yida? Why does he become a monk

Born in Singapore, Huang Yida has been a singer songwriter since his debut. In 2009, Huang Yida lost a "worry silk" and became a monk. Many people will be surprised. Why did he choose to become a monk? Let me tell you the reason why Huang Yida became a monk. Welcome to read.

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The reasons of Huang Yida becoming a monk

According to Lianhe of Singapore, Huang Yida went to Taipei alone 10 years ago. He experienced low career and feelings, and even suffered from depression for more than two years. He was once completely disillusioned. With Sony records

After the end of the contract, he disappeared for half a year. Last year, when I came back to visit my family and settle my brokerage appointment, I went to a monastic relationship with my friends for two weeks.

Huang Yida, a singer known for her "the girl told me", was revealed by Lianhe yesterday that she and her friends had been shaving and becoming monks in Thailand for two weeks. According to the report, Huang Yida had a good shave

Suddenly, tears came to my face at the moment of hair loss: "tears come from many past events. The past 30 years have passed quickly in front of my eyes. I haven't been with my mother well, and I regret that I'm very unfilial. '

2. Career frustrated type: Huang Yida's despair due to depression

Taiwanese singer Sonny became a nun. At first, she was frustrated in her performing career and came into contact with Buddhism. Later, she became a vegetarian and began to meditate. She was open-minded and had the idea of becoming a monk. She became a monk at the weijue temple in Zhongtai and became a monk by shaving. She was called master Jianyou. Unexpectedly, the second year after she became a monk, she went home to visit her parents. Because of their family difficulties, she was still unable to retire. She decided to take off her cassock and return to the world of mortals.

3. In 2009, Singapore musician Huang Yida, known as "male version of Stefanie Sun", became a monk in Thailand. Later, when he came back, he did not shy away from that experience, and said it was a low point in his life and career. During that time, he experienced career, emotional low ebb, and even depression for more than two years, and even once was hopeless.

Details of Huang Yida's becoming a monk

1. The moment of hair loss, looking back and crying

At the moment of shaving, he burst into tears. He said that he wept because "a lot of past events came to my mind. The past 30 years flashed quickly in front of my eyes. I didn't accompany my mother well and regretted that I was unfilial.".

He said that when he went to Taipei 10 years ago, he wanted to go to Zen for seven years, but it never came true. He thinks he is adaptable and doesn't care about eating roughage and living in a humble place for 14 days.

After 14 days of asceticism, he spent 14 days in the deep mountains of Chiang Mai. He got up at 4:30 every morning, followed other practitioners to sweep the temple, chanted sutras with the old monk for an hour and a half, went out barefoot at 6:30, walked more than 2 kilometers to the village to make love, and returned to the temple at noon. When he got to the bottom of his feet, he didn't cry bitterly. Instead, he thought it was a rich spiritual journey.

After 14 days as a monk, Huang Yida knows how to cherish his fortune.

2. Forgive those who hurt him

After 14 days of becoming a monk, Huang Yida realized something: "now I know how to cherish my blessings. I also learn to forgive those who hurt me the most and give them blessings. '

He said that when he had to spend 10 minutes every day putting on his cassock, he realized how much it was to wear a T-shirt[ ]It's convenient. When the weather was freezing, it was so warm to wear underwear, because he could not wear anything except cassock during his 14 days in Chiang Mai.

3. He's getting better

After this spiritual journey, Huang Yida learned to slow down and calm down.

His original personality is urgent and impulsive, but now he knows how to learn and slow down. Even his mother feels his change.

But he admitted that once, he couldn't stand the teacher's father's slow chanting speed and sneaked back to the room to sleep!

4. I want to build a small temple in Chiang Mai

After returning to Taiwan, he hopes to give something back. Now he will make time to visit the elderly and chat with them. He also plans to write down his experience in Chiang Mai and publish a book, and build a small temple in Chiang Mai with his income royalty.

He also does not exclude returning to Chiang Mai as a monk when he has time, constantly calming his body and mind and helping more people.

Huang Yida has to walk two kilometers barefoot every day to get married. When he walks, his feet are worn and bitten by mosquitoes. He says that he is rich in mind, but he doesn't plan to become a monk. He plans to write a record of his life. Huang Yida, who has been transformed, plans to use his calm heart to make another dash for his career.

Personal profile of Huang Yida

Huang Yida is a singer, actor and music composer in Singapore. He started his career in Taiwan on April 21, 2004. Since his debut, he has been recognized by all walks of life as a creative talent and musician. His creation and voice immediately attracted attention, and therefore has a large number of fans. So far, he has released six personal albums and one selected album, and his representative works include subway, love under the microscope, a drop of wet tears, etc. He has also appeared in films and plays such as the progressive style of love and nightclub talk. On December 21, 2010, after joining Beijing orange entertainment, he launched his new EP "glimmer". The first musical love movie "reservation", starring Huang Yida and Tang Yan, was launched on on April 12, 2011. It was released only three days ago and received over a million hits. Heart disk, 2013, was released in Asia on June 13.

In 2014, he took part in Hunan Satellite TV drama "singing war"

social activities

In the singing world, there are many singers who have been deeply depressed. Singer songwriter Huang Yida became depressed after he released his album song for himself in 2008.

In the summer of 2006, Huang Yida found that his state was more and more wrong: "he often thought of death. When I am alone at home, I will sit next to the French window, especially want to jump down. I used to be very happy to write songs, but later I felt that when I pressed every key, my heart would hurt. '

In 2009, Huang Yida lost his "worry silk" and became a monk after shaving, and then regained his fighting spirit. Huang Yida launched his new single "shimmering", and became the public welfare Ambassador of the fashion magazine "caring for the physical and mental health of urban people and anti depression theme activity".