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Why does stomachache menstruation not come? How is mammary bilge painful menstruation to return a re

Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon that every woman will have during the childbearing period. Generally, women's menstruation will come every other month, which is very regular. Before menstruation comes, there will be a series of physical reactions, such as breast distending pain. Soon after breast distending pain appears, there will be menstruation, but some women have menstruation Now breast bilges painful but menstruation does not come tardy, how is this to return a responsibility? Below analyse a reason.

How is mammary bilge painful but menstruation tardy to return a responsibility

Probably pregnant

If the menstruation to the time has not come, and usually have a normal sex life, especially in the ovulation period, if there is life, it is likely to be pregnant, after pregnancy, menstruation no longer comes, and the breast will appear pain, so it is necessary for female friends to go to the hospital to do early pregnancy test, if it is pregnant, need to actively take measures.

May be irregular menstruation

Under normal circumstances, women's menstruation will come on time, but it doesn't rule out that women's body has problems, menstruation is out of tune, if it is out of tune, it will also appear breast pain, but menstruation is delayed when it comes to the time, if it is this situation, we need to actively regulate menstruation.

How does breast bilge painful but menstruation tardy do

If you are pregnant, you must actively take the necessary measures to deal with it. If you want a child, you need to actively prepare for early pregnancy. If you don't want a child, you need to find a way to have an abortion and remove the child. If it is irregular menstruation, you need to actively regulate your menstruation.

Recuperate menstruation needs to recuperate diet above all, can eat a few low fat much fiber food more, such diet can promote the normalization of menstruation.

You can also massage your breasts every day to relieve the breast pain during menstruation. You can use your hands to massage your breasts in circles. You can also use your hands to press your breasts down, and then let your breasts bounce up. This massage can make your breasts very comfortable.

You can wear a stable bra, which can eliminate discomfort in the chest.

Some diuretics can also be used. Diuretics can improve breast swelling and promote the discharge of excess liquid accumulated in the body.

What's the matter with breast swelling and pain but delayed menstruation? Through the above introduction, we can know that this situation may be irregular menstruation or normal pregnancy reaction in early pregnancy. Women can take countermeasures after determining what kind of situation they are.