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Why is Virgo always black?

Why is Virgo so resentful? In fact, whether it's real life or online opinions, this situation is not once or twice. Data shows everything and can cause such a huge influence. Virgo is bound to have some 'problems'. Who calls' existence is reasonable'. Let's see what causes Virgo's' wonderful flower 'personality and resentment?

Key words 1: dogs can't spit out Ivory

As mercury ruled Virgo, it's not easy to say

I'm sorry for that dogmouth. The most hateful thing is this: the dog can't spit out ivory, the mouth is like a knife, and every sentence is very touching. Even if you do some trivial things, he can also expand it into every adjective and noun, which should be your 'pain point', and plunge into the emotional vortex, just to stir up the pain point!

When you are said by Virgo, they will be very proud of their intelligence and sharp judgment, and you have been so angry that you can't refute it, because when you think about it carefully, what they say is true. Virgo's fine observation and analytical ability as a quality control expert are originally the most important positive energy and talent of Virgo, but they are often used inappropriately in trivial life, and become the infamous "black banner".

However, the benign use of this ability will help Virgo become the elite among the elites. Who will have the ability of accurate observation, analysis and expression at the same time? Compared with Gemini, who is also controlled by mercury, Virgo has the ability of super high information processing and flexibility in the environment. However, Virgo has less humor and lightness, and more truth and correction Knot, make complaints about strength.

Make complaints about micro-blog, the best representative of Virgo.

Take a look at the one on Weibo, who is the best representative of mercury Virgo. Who else can use language so negatively and sharply? When language can not only be used to communicate and express, but also be used as a weapon, sword and stab people's heart, Virgo is absolutely the best. This is often the most important aspect of their daily life.

Key words 2: cleanliness, cleanliness & hellip; & hellip; cleanliness, you Virgo

When we first came into contact with the zodiac sign, we could not help seeing the word cleanliness in the Description column of Virgo, but many Virgos would jump out to 'refute': I don't have it, I'm very dirty, my room is in a mess & hellip; & hellip; for fear of not showing evidence to prove that I'm not the kind of annoying Virgo type.

But here, what my sisters are talking about is not the style of discharging toothbrush and toothpaste and brushing teeth in front of the mirror, but a kind of intrinsic trait, which we can call permutation obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When a well-dressed Virgo is ready to go, she glances at the brown glass in front of the supermarket next door. Oh, my God, my hat tilts 54 & deg to the upper right corner; Maybe it's just because of this, they swing left and right in front of the reflective glass. They are so upset that they almost cry. This principle, and some Virgo face the dirt on the floor tiles, can be alive to spit out a pool of old blood.

We can sum up this trait as perfectionism, or their 'life principle'. It is often this trait that makes Virgo unhappy from the bottom of her heart, and the reason why she can't be happy will make people around laugh and laugh, which is quite disdainful. In fact, they are also quite painful in the heart, and often in self dialogue: tangled hair, what's this bullshit tangled?! but they just can't control their behavior.

Don't forget that Virgo corresponds to the sixth house of the original chart. The sixth house is about the ability to integrate resources and coordinate daily behavior. Virgo character has been strengthened, for living habits, constraints, norms, that is, self-discipline ability, is quite strong.

On the positive side, this kind of personality can certainly create a perfect human image. For example, many model stars in the entertainment industry are Virgos (Michael Jackson, Greta Garbo, Zhang Guorong, Fan Bingbing & hellip;), who are regulating their appearance, talking and showing themselves in the most perfect posture every minute.

This kind of perfectionist obsessive-compulsive disorder and harsh life principles have been troubling them all the time, making them never, never, never have the courage to face a slovenly and broken self. Cleanliness reveals Virgo's high demands, which make people feel stressed and tired.

However, it should be noted that Virgo's high demands are unconscious and do not mean to put pressure on others. Sometimes they also want to get rid of this psychological burden and live a more relaxed and free life. At this time, some Virgos will show their inner tearing feeling with dirty and slovenly appearance. They are against themselves and belong to the type of 'nest rebellion'.

But this kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder is still inevitable.

And Virgo people need to pay attention to: you should give them a tolerant environment, at least to understand: this trait they do not want to have. Every time they are annoying and spoil the scenery, they often feel infinite remorse in their heart. However, because the dog can't spit out ivory, they can't show weakness and explain themselves well.

Key words three: Elite thinking, perfectionism and deliberately 'stand out from the crowd' pretending style

If you want to say that the most "forced" constellation, Virgo should be the first. They are always dissatisfied with the environment, always progressive, and want to get rid of their own environment and improve themselves. In the process of struggling and calculating, it is hard to avoid giving others the impression of snobbery.

This trait is often the most enviable and hateful in the workplace, but it has to be envied. It's undeniable that the annoying Virgo really has a good IQ and emotional control, which alone can help them achieve their goals step by step for the camp according to their own plan.

Although Virgo, unlike some of the 'King signs', has obvious ambition of great cause and conquest, it is still an inevitable long cherished wish to become a well-off winner in secular life.

In the process of realization, they play their self-discipline ability, self-motivated, diligent and other & hellip; & hellip; styles that often make others feel quite pressure, and they will not hide or compromise, or keep a unified pace with the people around them. It's hard to avoid being annoying.

Just imagine, who can tolerate such a person in the same working environment and take care of himself up and down so obediently? When you don't bird the boss, they are courteous but not disrespectful to cater to him. No matter what environment you are in, they will not lose control of their emotions and achieve their short-term goals in an orderly way. Looking back a few years later, the colleague who is still later than you, who works hard every day in silence, who is not inferior to you, and who works harder than you, jumps three levels all at once & hellip; & hellip; angry or not? And this kind of person in the workplace, we pay attention to observe, basically has a strong virginity. And this is often Virgo hate, and hate to say nothing about the main situation.

Virginity is generally not aggressive. They focus on their own small abacus, and from the bottom of their bones think that they 'should' be better, and strive to stand out in an environment. Although they don't have this ability yet, they will try their best to enrich themselves, charging here and making up lessons there & hellip; & hellip; for fear that they will drop something from head to toe.

This kind of elite thinking and perfectionism not only makes Virgo very tired, but also makes the people who work with him feel 'ashamed' and disgusted. In his mind, he secretly scolds you for pretending to be forced. However, such a forced posture and an outstanding style emphasized in all aspects of life are the driving force for their success. Often when we slack off and waste time in many places, Virgos have been swaying on their planned road, making others look at us with new eyes.

Virgo's' shortcomings' and 'advantages' are often one, only when the benign presentation, they are perfect people, do their best, in many ways, let people look up to them, in the secular to get beyond the professional achievements, and when the negative presentation, perfectionism has become turtle hair, self-discipline has become more real, to the people around invisible pressure.


Virgo is a constellation with karma. It often takes a lot of practical efforts and suffering to achieve success. In the process of success, it is inevitable to encounter a lot of frustrations and tribulations. The moral of Virgo itself is: hard work is sweet. Corresponding to his season: early autumn, barren climate and environment, at that time, it often needs 200% hard work to get the harvest of golden autumn.

Virgo is not born with the ability to face life easily, the happy mood, and the psychological state of enjoying success. The original scene of life is often hard, and planning, self-discipline and high requirements, continuous efforts, improve themselves, is the only thing they have to do to 'change their destiny'.

When we have a deep understanding of Virgo's specific environment, we can better understand the constellation's attitude towards life. Many 'dislikes' have justifiable reasons.