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Why can't I surf the Internet when I'm connected to a wireless network?

Recently, there are a lot of wireless network connection but not on the Internet, many friends have come to email questions, the following small make-up to tell you how to solve the problem of successfully connecting to the wireless network but not on the Internet~

Q1: the wireless network has been unstable these days. Sometimes it can be connected, sometimes it can't. Even if it is connected, it doesn't last long. Most of the time, the wireless network shows that it is connected, and the signal is very good. But I couldn't get on Q or surf the Internet. According to the status of the router, I modified the IP address and DNS address, but I still couldn't get on.... It's depressing! Now the router can be connected directly with the network cable, but the wireless can't be used. The display is connected, but it can't be connected to the network. The IP and DNS addresses are automatically selected. I checked the routing log today

Q2: last night, I inadvertently opened the Wi Fi wireless network and found two wireless networks without encryption. Although the signal is poor, they can still link to the Internet. But today, when I opened the link, there was a yellow exclamation mark. The network is not going any more? What's the matter? Last night, I could still link to hellip;

Q3: I have two laptops and one desktop at home. Yesterday, after setting the password for wireless routing, one laptop can access the Internet normally, but the other laptop can't access the Internet. When setting the IP address, if you automatically get the searched network, it is restricted or no connection (exclamation mark appears in the network connection), if you fill in the IP address, it is also good to connect to the signal, but you can't get on the network, please help!!

Q4: I had been getting IP, but later I set it manually, and then it showed that the wireless network was connected, but I couldn't get on the Internet or QQ. The IP can't be pinged. The media disconnected 360 traffic control shows that there is occasionally 0.3k 0.1k 0.04k traffic. Ie fixed it. It doesn't work. Here are several common reasons to check the wireless network connection but not on the network and the corresponding solutions.

1、 Check if the password is wrong

When you enter the wireless connection password, if the password is long, you may enter the wrong password, so it is recommended that you enter the password again. If possible, directly use the copy and paste method to enter the password. When copying and pasting, pay attention not to select irrelevant characters. Adding one or two more spaces is the most common error.

2、 Is the wireless router bound to the MAC address

In order to prevent others from rubbing the network, many home users have set up wireless MAC address filtering, but after changing the computer or wireless network card, they can't get on the network, so they need to add a new MAC address in the router settings.

3、 Are the service settings completely correct

Check the service settings of the computer. For example, if the DHCP client and wireless zero configuration services are not started, the wireless network will not work properly. If DHCP is not turned on, computers that use automatic IP assignment cannot automatically configure IP addresses.

4、 Is the assigned IP address set correctly

Wireless network uses manually assigned IP address and DNS address, which need to be set in wireless connection properties under windows. Windows is different from Linux, so you can't set different IP addresses for different wireless networks, so when you switch between multiple wireless networks, if you use the manually assigned IP, you can't get on the network easily.

5、 Is the driver suitable for the current network card

This situation mostly occurs when using the wireless network card for the first time. If you use Windows 7, you will download and install the correct network card driver automatically. But in extreme cases, the downloaded driver may not be suitable for network card, so you may need to download the driver from the manufacturer's home page.

6、 Are the necessary patches installed

In Windows XP, you need to install a patch to support wpa2-psk encryption, so if the router uses this encryption method and you have not upgraded to XP SP3, please install kb893357 patch.

Check one by one according to the above steps. The problem that the wireless network can be connected but can't be connected can be basically solved, but there may be other reasons. If the problem still can't be solved, please check and repair according to the following steps

The system automatically repairs the network connection settings

1. If there is an exclamation mark in the lower right corner of the notebook desktop, it means that the network cannot operate normally.

2. According to the right wireless instructions, open the network and sharing center, and see that Windows 7 determines that the network is not recognized but can be connected when diagnosing the network!

3. Click which Red Cross to let the system automatically detect the cause of the problem

4. After the system test report appears, let the system repair automatically

Using automatic access to IP address to repair network connection

If the fault can be detected and repaired here, it is the best. However, if the system can not be connected to the Internet after being repaired, we can go back to the network and sharing center, find and change the wireless network card properties, and right-click the wireless network card properties. 1. Found IPv4 protocol.

2. The current network is a manually configured IP address.

3. Change the setting to get the IP address automatically.

If you check one by one according to the above steps, except for individual extreme cases, the problem that the wireless network is connected but not connected can be basically solved!