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Why does the child grind teeth all the time during the day? How should the child grind teeth during

Children's molars are caused by the continuous contraction of masticatory muscles, so what is the reason for frequent molars in the daytime? The following is the reason for frequent molars in the daytime arranged by Xiaobian for you, hoping to be useful to you. There are parasites in the intestine, especially Ascaris lumbricoides, which survive by absorbing nutrients from the human body.

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Reasons for frequent tooth grinding during the day

1、 There are parasites in the intestine, especially Ascaris lumbricoides, which survive by absorbing nutrients from the human body. In addition to causing stomachache, nausea and vomiting, and intestinal obstruction in severe cases, it sometimes makes people grind their teeth at night.

2、 During the day is too tired or spirit is too excited, especially children play too tired, after falling asleep, the cerebral cortex did not get a complete rest, part of the nerve is still in the excited state, will also go to sleep after molars.

3、 Gastric dyspepsia, the digestive function of the stomach for some reasons, such as stomach disease, can not effectively digest food, resulting in molars after sleep.

4、 Psychological factors: stress and anxiety may induce molars. Some people will say, where does the pressure come from? For children, tension or anger will bring pressure, such as worrying about test scores, coming to a new class, changing teachers, quarreling with parents, etc.

5、 Dental factors: poor occlusion of teeth, including dental deformity, missing teeth, excessive eruption of teeth, unilateral chewing, etc. When a similar situation occurs, the human body will try to get a better and more stable occlusal relationship by rubbing the teeth, so there will be molars.

6、 Other factors: sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea) may induce molars; some diseases may also induce molars, such as malnutrition, allergy, endocrine disorders, ear infections, etc.; in addition, some drugs may also induce molars.

How does day often grind a tooth to do

① For children with bruxism at night, parents should pay attention to make them relax, especially 1-2 hours before going to bed, and don't do some intense activities.

② Pay attention to adjust the diet, eat some easy to digest, nutritious food, dinner do not eat too full.

③ If intestinal parasites are found, they should be expelled under the guidance of doctors.

④ If the teeth are not aligned and the jaw biting relationship is disordered, it should be corrected.

⑤ If the night molar can't be corrected, you can go to the stomatology department of the hospital to make a tooth pad called molar appliance, and wear it between the upper and lower teeth at night to prevent night molar and protect teeth.

How often does molar tooth do

Generally speaking, children grind their teeth because of calcium deficiency or roundworms in their stomach. First to the hospital to do a test, or can obviously feel the child's frequent abdominal pain, it is recommended that you go to the pharmacy changchongqing, if it is calcium deficiency, should drink more bone soup, eat more lean meat.

Live and sleep regularly. Molars may also be mentally stressed, so drink a glass of milk or listen to music before going to bed. Don't play games or get angry with others before going to bed. Don't over exercise before going to bed.

If your teeth are not aligned, it may also cause molars, because your chewing muscles contract unconsciously during sleep at night. So, when you find your teeth are uneven, you should go to the dentist. Wear appropriate braces.

If you not only find yourself grinding teeth recently, but also have night sweats and restlessness, you may lack vitamins recently. At this time, it is suggested to eat more vitamin rich fruits, such as pineapple, kiwi fruit, etc.

You can also use some small formula. For example, wash the orange peel and soak it in sugar water for about 3 days. And then every night before going to bed to eat a piece, for several days, can be effective.

If your child has a very bad tooth grinding, it is recommended to see a doctor. Under the guidance of the doctor, choose and wear a suitable occlusal pad, and carry out continuous treatment.