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What's the matter with female menopause? What should female menopause do with dietotherapy

When women reach menopause, their physiology and psychology will change. Therefore, women in this period need special recuperation. The following small make-up to take you to a detailed understanding of the female menopause in the end how to do it. Many female friends in life and work, the mood will always have ups and downs, and through some way to vent. Facts have proved that people who are good at catharsis tend to be healthy, while people who are not good at catharsis tend to cause self damage.

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How does female menopause do

Try to vent yourself

Many female friends in life and work, the mood will always have ups and downs, and through some way to vent. Facts have proved that people who are good at catharsis tend to be healthy, while people who are not good at catharsis tend to cause self damage.

It is very important for menopausal women to learn how to vent their emotions because of their poor mental stability and emotional fluctuation. It is suggested that they should talk to others, communicate with others, turn conflicts into friendship, and learn how to control anger and transpose thinking.

In real life and work, there should be a little Ah Q spirit, but to adjust their emotions, but also to grasp the degree, neither too depressed, nor too out of control, to maintain a stable state of mind.

Learn to identify with yourself

Daily life should be relaxed and happy, understand that menopause is a necessary stage of life, understand the various symptoms of menopause, with psychological preparation, women after menopause should take a calm attitude, peacefully look at all kinds of physiological and psychological changes encountered by menopause, and identify with themselves who have changed.

In this way, psychological adjustment can be done in time, psychological symptoms can be relieved, and even if there are many discomfort, it can be solved under the correct guidance, without bringing psychological pressure.

Diet conditioning

Insist on eating less and moving more to prevent obesity. Or already obese, to gradually lose weight. Avoid spicy food, such as fried food, curry, pepper and pepper.

In short, the diet should be balanced, comprehensive, diverse and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Experts point out that women's bodies have great changes in different physiological stages. We should learn more about the various physical changes during menopause, prevent the occurrence of physical diseases as soon as possible, learn the corresponding nursing methods, and let ourselves or the people around us have a relaxed and happy menopause.

Keep a healthy lifestyle

First of all, we should have regular daily life, sleep and get up on time, ensure 8 hours of sleep every day, and take part in labor and sports after work.

It can be used to play ball, dance or Tai Chi. It can be done in combination with one's own interests and persevere. Such a lifestyle is conducive to reducing the symptoms of menopause.

How does menstruation of female climacteric period not adjust recuperate

The mood of patients with menstrual disease has a great influence on irregular menstruation. Patients should adjust their own spirit, maintain a good mood, especially before menstruation and menstruation, to maintain a good mood is of great help to prevent irregular menstruation.

Living in a comfortable and harmonious environment, people's mood can be happy, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. Living environment, such as family health, room furnishings, etc.

Diet not only has the effect of fitness, but also can cure diseases. The combination of medication and diet treatment can reduce the damage of drugs to human body, and can also 'tonify essence' to improve the therapeutic effect.

Reasonable deployment of diet, not only to pay attention to the number of diet, but also to the soft and hard diet, hot and cold, category selection. The menstrual disease caused by spleen deficiency and stomach weakness is often aggravated by eating raw and cold food or hard food, and often aggravated by eating too spicy food.

When we reach middle age, we will have some characteristics related to aging. Therefore, many people feel that their working ability is reduced, and they are easily excited, irritable and sentimental. Most middle-aged people feel tired.

The decline of physique and the increase of diseases will inevitably affect people's psychological state. The physiological obstacles of menopausal men and women, in turn, will aggravate the above negative emotions. Therefore, the middle-aged physiological health care and psychological health care should be paid equal attention.

Some middle-aged people will have depression and trouble. In the middle age, the working conditions and family life of men and women have changed a lot. For example, they are often weak and sick, and they will face retirement at work.

The children begin to live independently when they grow up, and the family structure changes. These changes will not only bring a series of maladjustment, but also bring a lot of troubles and pressure to middle-aged men and women.

More people are prone to depression and anxiety. Because men and women entering menopause are lack of psychological preparation and scientific understanding of normal physiological phenomena or accidental physiological changes, they think that the decrease of sleep time, the decrease of food intake and the decline of memory are the causes of their health deterioration, and they often worry about it, resulting in different degrees of hypochondriac tendency.

Food therapy for menopause

Red bean, coix seed and jujube porridge

Red beans, coix seed, 30 grams of Japonica rice, red jujube 10, daily porridge food. Three times a day. Climacteric limb edema, skin relaxation, joint pain.

Lotus seed and Lily porridge

Lotus seed, lily, 30 grams of Japonica rice, with porridge, daily morning and evening each take 1 time. Before and after menopause with palpitations, insomnia, amnesia, limb fatigue, rough skin.

Ganmai drink

30 grams of wheat, 10 red dates, 10 grams of licorice, fried in water. Take it every morning and evening. Before and after menopause with hot flashes and sweating, irritable palpitations, depression and irritability, no Chinese complexion.

The principle of female climacteric movement

1. Moderate motion and stillness

No matter what kind of exercise, we must exercise all the muscles, bones and joints of the whole body, but excessive exercise is harmful to health, easy to cause fatigue, even visceral or physical injury.

Therefore, we should pay attention to proper rest during exercise. The so-called "moderate movement and stillness" should be based on the principle of "lightness, softness and stability". In the early stage of physical exercise, it is better to be less than more, slower than faster, and gradually increase.

In the movement, should avoid fast, rotation or bow action, or may fall action. People over middle age are not suitable to take part in the intense activities with competition or surprise, and it is not suitable to carry on the monotonous repetitive work for a long time.

2. Persevere

After middle age, most people do not want to be active. After realizing the importance of physical exercise, we should persevere and stick to it; in particular, we should overcome the situation of "fishing for three days and drying the net for two days" in order to achieve good physical exercise effect.

3. When the body is not comfortable or feeling weak

Do not exercise by force, but reduce or stop exercise temporarily.

4. Step by step

In physical exercise, we should follow the principle of gradually increasing the amount of exercise from a small amount of activity, because people's physical strength, endurance, dexterity are gradually improved. People's internal organs and functional activities also need a process of adaptation. We should not rush for success, but should not produce fatigue.

5. Precautions before and after exercise

Before the exercise, should do the preparatory activity first, may prevent the panic, shortness of breath, faints and so on phenomenon which the sudden intense activity causes. After exercise, we should organize activities to gradually restore the body to a normal state, which is conducive to the adjustment of the organs of the whole body, and can also prevent the occurrence of adverse factors to the body.

6. Exercise time

In the morning, the air is fresh and energetic. It's the best time to exercise. Just after eating, should not immediately carry on the activity, should rest 1 ~ 2 hours later, just suitable exercise.

Therefore, it can be seen that the symptoms of menopause of female friends are various, we need to pay attention to and treat them, but the most important thing is that while receiving treatment, we should also pay attention to adjusting our mentality, strengthen exercise, and not close ourselves up. If we are depressed all day, it will only lead to the aggravation of menopausal symptoms, and even induce other complications.