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Why do children like to play king now?

Often around us, we can see a group of people holding a mobile phone, head down, playing the same game "King's glory". This mobile competitive games from the end of 15 to now only a year has been popular in the streets. Why do so many children like to play this game? Let's have a look with Xiaobian~

Let's take a look at the data and see how popular "glory of the king" is. According to media reports, up to the beginning of the year of 17, the "King's glory" has attracted 50 million daily life users, with 200 million registered users. Some media predict that the number of users of the "King's glory" daily life may reach as high as 80 million. Google play ranks fifth on the global IOS revenue list. The Tencent browsing index also points out that the main age group of MoBa game "King's glory" is 11-20 years old (accounting for 53%), that is to say, there will be at least 40 million 11-20 years old teenagers in China who are daily users of the game. So why do so many children like this game? What attracts them.

1. Tencent agent and simple registration method

Tencent's huge user base gives "King's glory" a great natural advantage. Users only need a wechat or QQ number to complete the registration of the game directly. In the game zone of wechat and QQ account, you can send additional benefits every day when you sign in, and log in the game directly from the game zone. The convenient way of registration and login enables children to start the game directly without more steps.

2. Easy to use

Easy to use almost determines how popular a mobile game can be. "King's glory" simple operation, clear instructions, so that the entry threshold of the game greatly reduced. Children only need 10 minutes to half an hour to understand the operation and process of the game.

3. The grasp of fragmented time

The same is Tencent products. Why wechat is more popular than QQ is largely due to wechat's grasp of the fragmentation time of mobile phone users. And the great thing about "glory of the king" is that it only takes 10 minutes to finish a game. In short time, children can come to the toilet anytime and anywhere, take the bus in the morning, and even have a rest after class.

4. The reference of traditional characters

In the role selection, the king's glory selects a large number of traditional Chinese characters as the prototype of creation, many familiar ancient characters such as Li Bai, Jing Ke, Liu Bei, Monkey King and so on all appear. Because of the characters from Chinese traditional culture or stories, children don't have too much strangeness and estrangement in psychological recognition. However, the game only uses the image of historical figures, but the relevant historical background is overhead, which makes the game contradict the real history. With the increasing number of young players, this contradiction has also caused a social controversy. Some people think that the game 'will mislead students' understanding and understanding of history', while others think that it is the output of a culture and can 'stimulate children's interest in history from another perspective'.

5. Convenient communication in the game

In fact, to some extent, the game is also a process of emotional communication between people. In the "glory of the king" game, the communication experience in the game is very perfect. In a 5v5 game, children can realize voice dialogue through the microphone of their mobile phone. There are also many common default speeches in the game, such as "retreat", "gather" and other team instructions. With voice reminders, children can communicate and express in the game.

Attachment: the popularity of the king's glory is out of control, and more and more students are among them. Xiaobian also tells parents how to do this: in the official account of WeChat, the official growth guard platform launched by Tencent is only concerned with parents' choice of children's QQ and WeChat. Hope to help parents!