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Why do stars want to buy Zhuo Wei's photos?

Recently, it turned out that many stars went to buy some photos taken by Zhuo Wei. Why are many stars so afraid of him?

On May 3, Zhuowei's photography team announced their resignation and set up a new fashion studio. In this regard, some media interviewed people in the industry who have been engaged in paparazzi candid shooting for many years. The other side said that Zhuo Wei's studio candid shooting is not lack of collusion with the stars for speculation. "The popular candid shooting that was not published last year and bought back by the stars should be about 120 million. 'it's revealed that the price of the photos bought back by the stars from Zhuo Wei exceeds 100 million yuan. It can be seen that some stars have problems, but Zhuo Wei didn't come out!

According to industry sources, Zhuo Wei's secret information is mainly sold to three companies: video is sold to iqiyi for about 10 million a year, live right is sold to Youku for 5 million a year, and pictures are sold to Sohu for 5 million a year. Stars pay for their own negative news for pr.

In terms of revenue, there is another one that has to be mentioned: the stars buy back the candid photos at a high price. For example, in the case of a male star surnamed m, there was a second bullet, but later the other party spent 7 million to buy it back, and the second bullet disappeared. There has been a rumor in the industry that there is a possibility of being temporarily refueled in the case of a female star surnamed C. originally, it was a big flower that was going to explode, but the other party bought it back with 5 million after knowing it!

Now, will Zhuo Wei's collective resignation become a new node in the paparazzi world? If so, how will they influence and change the way they report gossip and other news in the future? Under the excitement, change comes first.

Some netizens said that the star bought back from Zhuo Wei's candid photos, which cost over 100 million yuan. The photographer team worked hard and was sold by Zhuo Wei for embezzlement. There was no credit, no money, uneven distribution of stolen goods, black eating and black dog biting the dog. No wonder a lot of materials that had been agreed in advance finally turned into trivial materials. There was no basic professionalism of paparazzi, so they were dismissed when they took the money. Materials were not popular? Play? That's why Blackmail in disguise, OK!