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What can eat let menstruation come quickly? What reason does menstruation not come? synthesis: many women will encounter the problems of menstruation delay, postponing, amenorrhea, long-term not coming, resulting in serious endocrine imbalance, premature ovarian failure, some serious even lead to premature menopause, lost the beautiful appearance and fertility function of women, then, what can make menstruation come quickly? & hellip; & hellip;

If menstruation does not come for a long time with drugs and there is no problem in physical examination, you can go to the hospital for injection of progesterone needle. Generally, menstruation will arrive as scheduled after injection for a few days.

Dietary conditioning drink red jujube and longan soup every day, and eat all the red jujube and longan, which can make people in the blood at the same time, increase the essence of the body, generally due to weakness, anemia caused by menstruation delay, eat 2-3 days, menstruation will come, very effective.

Don't eat cold drinks. Some female friends like to eat raw and cold food, especially cold drinks. They like to eat all the time, causing cold palace in the body, delayed menstruation and even amenorrhea for several months. For this kind of people, they should avoid eating cold drinks, ice water and cold food. In addition, they should drink more ginger tea and bubble their feet, and use hot water bags to nurse their lower abdomen. After half a month's conditioning, they should not eat cold drinks, ice water and cold food, Menstruation comes naturally.