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What's the meaning of "My Sister Li" in society

Since the launch of the new season of deformation meter in 2017, my sister Li has become a popular microblog search topic. What does my sister Li mean? What is my sister Li? The following editor recommends the interpretation of my sister Li. I hope you can use it. My sister Li, who is cruel, is from the first episode of the latest season 13 2017 metamorphometer.

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Society is what Sister Li means

My sister Li is a cruel person. This sentence comes from the first episode of the latest season 13, 2017 metamorphosis. Generally speaking, the protagonists of metamorphosis are very naughty and need to be deformed, but others can't help it. However, Chen Xinxin, the protagonist of metamorphosis in this issue, has nothing to do with a little girl, because the little girl is more noisy and makes the protagonist happy All kinds of crying, think the deformation should be the little girl.

So the netizens played a joke after watching, the society I Li elder sister, people ruthless way wild. Chen Xinxin is also known as the most tragic city hero in history, which is hilarious.

Who is my sister Li

In the past two days, the microblog hot search list has been dominated by "My Sister Li", and many hot search topics have emerged, such as "Sister Li", "Sister Li" and "sister Chen Xinxin". The "Sister Li video" has been wildly spread by all kinds of marketing giants, and the popularity has always been high.

This little girl, who has set off a frenzy of public opinion on the Internet, is Zhang Shuili, the younger sister of the rural protagonist of the 2017 deformation meter after it was revised online. In the video, the 7-year-old girl seems to have a very different personality from the kind-hearted and simple rural girl you have seen before. She not only shows indifference to her brother who comes to take part in the deformation, but also shows' Wang Zhi's contempt 'and repeatedly threatens to beat her brother.

Although netizens laugh at the friction between them and the frequent occurrence of Chen Xinxin's golden sentences, they also have other great influences. Some netizens compete to write n 'peer novels' for Li Jie and Chen Xinxin. Some netizens begin to shift the focus of public opinion to' Li Jie 'and' Li Jie's character is too bad 'and so on. A big wave of Internet blowers are more popular As a result, he criticized a 7-year-old girl for being rebellious and willful, and used it as a 'negative textbook'.

My sister Li's expression bag

Sister Li has set off a wave of public opinion on the Internet. In the program, Zhang Shuili, a 7-year-old girl from the countryside, plays her temper when she doesn't agree with each other, and asks Chen Xinxin, her brother from the city, to worship her sister. Not only that, but also Zhang Shuili started the mode of crying violently. Chen Xinxin repeatedly persuaded her that she was at a loss at last. She even cried, and she was almost abused. Xiaobian here presents a big wave of expression pack, let's take a look at the 'city my sister Li' of the 'Fury'. My sister Li's face bag is coming!!

My sister Li facial expression Pack 1

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