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Why Zhengzhou housing prices all the way up?

Why did the house prices soar in Zhengzhou city of Henan Province in the past two years? Even if the central government issued the policy of controlling house prices, it still did not contain the rise of house prices. Why?

Zhengzhou, as the political, economic and cultural center of the whole province, has been developing eastward and expanding constantly. Recently, the master plan of Baisha Group in Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou City has been approved, and great Zhengdong has once again endorsed the new path of urban human settlements in Zhengzhou.

As a hot spot area including Zhengdong New Area, Longzihu plate, Lvbo plate, Baisha plate, Yanming Lake plate and so on, great Zhengdong is still the undisputed leading plate in Zhengzhou.

Dazhengdong plate has attracted the attention of the majority of real estate enterprises, including Yajule, Vanke, Jianye, Kangqiao, xindongrun, Mingmen and other real estate enterprises in and out of the province competing for layout, and dazhengdong's house prices have soared all the way, becoming the representative of Zhengzhou's new high-quality residential area.

New highland of quality life

Great Zhengdong New Area refers to the area east of Zhongzhou Avenue, west of Kaifeng Bianxi new area, south of the Yellow River and north of the airport in Zhengzhou. It integrates Zhengdong New Area, Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Baisha industrial agglomeration zone, Guandu industrial agglomeration zone, Jindai Industrial Park, Zhengzhou International Logistics Park and Zhengzhou export processing zone to form the great Zhengdong New Area. This area will be the "No.1 Project" for the economic development of the whole province in the future.

In recent years, the development of Zhengdong New Area is obvious to all. The rapid momentum not only drives one side of the economy, but also becomes a hot hot area in Zhengzhou property market. It is also a livable place for Zhengzhou buyers.

Since the "Zheng Bian integration" strategy was put forward in 2005, great Zhengdong has ushered in a golden period of development. In the past, our urban planning was to build roads and houses. However, starting from the Eastern District, we attached great importance to planning, ecology, environment and moving line design. Relying on the surrounding supporting upgrading and traffic acceleration, dazhengdong gradually stepped into the fast lane of development. The three main roads of Zhengkai Avenue, Central Avenue and Shangdu Avenue, as well as the convenient transportation facilities such as subway, high-speed railway and light rail, all promote the living quality of dazhengdong to a qualitative improvement.

Urban development is also like a big river. It has become a common trend for Zhengzhou to develop eastward. In today's Zhengzhou pattern, the East District of Zhengzhou represents the future of Zhengzhou with orderly transportation, beautiful environment and high-quality residential products. As the only way for the outward development of Zhengzhou City Center, great Zhengdong region is presented to people with a new attitude. At present, large-scale, high price, good quality, superior geographical location, new planning concept, large-scale logistics park, rich cultural and entertainment facilities, green resources of 300 mu Green Expo Park, etc. have attracted a large number of powerful brand real estate enterprises such as Vanke, Yajule, Jianye, Mingmen, etc.

Frequent appearance of "Diwang" attracts attention

On April 1, the 108.88 Mu homestead in Longhu District of Zhengdong New District, located in the east of Longhu outer ring road and the north of Longxiang 8th Street to the east of diwangwo, was collected by Zhengzhou Evergrande Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., with a transaction price of 2.231 billion yuan, equivalent to 12293.75 yuan / square meter and a unit price of 20.4904 million yuan / mu, becoming the 'total price' and 'unit price' land king of Zhengzhou; on June 1, Rongsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd The price of RMB 1.863 billion won Zheng Zheng Dong Chu [2016] No. 10 (net) plot, refreshing two indicators of plot unit price and floor price.

In 2014, the state investment and placement industry under the SASAC of Zhengzhou won the first land king in the Deputy CBD area of Donglong Lake in Dazheng. So far, Zhengzhou Longhu Deputy CBD area has successively given birth to 14 Land kings, and each land grab is a fierce fight. In more than a year, local real estate enterprises, such as Jianye, Yongwei, Zhenghong, Yaxin and Zhengshang, have also been present. Hengda, Luneng, Yajule and Rongsheng, the first-line real estate companies, have also entered the battle of local king.

In fact, the more objective reason is the brand real estate enterprises' deep recognition of the regional value of Zhengdong plate. At the same time, the soaring floor price has carried the imagination of Zhengzhou high-end residential space in the near future. Analysts pointed out that in the future, there will be more plots and even Diwang in Zhengdong region. Because this land represents the benchmark and development direction of a city. Henan Business Daily reporter Ma Songwei