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Why didn't Stephen Chow get married? What is the relationship between Stephen Chow and Mo Wenwei? synthesis: Stephen Chow's girlfriend Mo Wenwei - in 1994, Mo Wenwei took part in "a journey to the west". At that time, Zhu Yin was also the heroine, and the three of them fell in love in a triangle. Zhu Yin can't bear the playfulness of Xingye and quit angrily. It seems that the star master has a tacit agreement with all the actresses he has ever been with, that is, he never has an open love affair. In addition, the enchantress Mo Wenwei is also full of gossip all day long. It's really hard to figure out what they are. The first time they got out of the limelight was when the new film was released, they were photographed walking hand in hand in the park and walking out of the hotel together. But both of them laughed at the media. "What's a walk hand in hand?" later, Mo Wenwei held a passionate concert, and Starbuck not only supported the concert himself, but also brought his mother. It seemed that his attitude was very unusual.

It is said that Mo Wenwei has always been very fond of Xingzai, but he can't bear his playboy. In particular, star Tsai eventually refused to admit the relationship between the two, and Mo Wenwei finally turned around and left. Mo Wenwei confesses that she likes to chat with Stephen Chow. His strange way of expression and personal charm make her feel very fresh. But the two finally broke up. Mo Wenwei thinks that the main reason is that they have different values. She feels that she is too clear about her goal, that is, to love and enjoy acting. If many men pursue family, they may want their wives at home, have children, don't work, and don't show up in public. In addition, Mo Wenwei does not deny that there are too many rumors about each other, which are also some negative factors. She hopes that they should be serious and dedicated to each other when they are dating, otherwise they will waste their time.

Stephen Chow's girlfriend, Yu Wenfeng, is the youngest daughter of Yu Jingbo, a former bear Valley family in Hong Kong. She was a fan of Stephen Chow at first, but later became his good friend. They have been photographed by the media for many times. In December 1998, after the two were photographed together with Xingye in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Yu Wenfeng's "real girlfriend" officially surfaced. Since then, the scandal between Xingye and the actress has begun to decrease.

On September 22, 2009, the media revealed that Stephen Chow had already met his elder with his girlfriend Yu Wenfeng, and their relationship was further confirmed. Yu Wenfeng is also finance minister of Xingye's & lsquo; Xinghui & quot; company. July 21, 2010 according to Taiwan media reports, 48 year old Stephen Chow, who has been dating Yu Wenfeng, daughter of Hong Kong construction founder Yu Jingbo and a real estate speculator for 10 years, has never proposed. It is reported that Yu Wenfeng finally gave up and offered to break up with him half a year ago. Recently, he quickly caught up with Liao Yaocheng, the third generation of Hong Kong banking industry.

Although Stephen Chow broke up with Yu Wenfeng, goodbye is also a friend. We still have business cooperation and will keep in touch. Stephen Chow once had an affair with many young stars, but when it comes to the longest love affair, it must be the ten-year love affair with Yu Wenfeng. Stephen Chow and Yu Wenfeng met in 1998 and took a photo at the end of 1999. Later, Yu Wenfeng became the 'other half' of Stephen Chow and joined Stephen Chow's company 'Xinghui' as the director He also helped Stephen Chow to invest in real estate. Every transaction was over 100 million yuan, which helped Stephen Chow's wealth soar!

So far, some people have publicly supported Stephen Chow. For example, Zhang Yuqi of "Yangtze River No.7" praised him as "super good"; Lin Zicong, the sixth younger martial brother of "Shaolin football", also said that "it's a fake to ask Cecilia Cheung to shave his head in the article."; In addition, when her old love, Karen, attended the event on the 12th, she also said good things for her ex boyfriend: "he is very good at taking care of people and actors, and no matter how the outside world evaluates him, I will ignore him and support Stephen Chow all the time. 'it was praised by many netizens who supported the movie