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Why do people who work harder get fat more easily?

in fact, we can see that people who often sit in front of computers are fatter than those who are more active in their work. Can work decide whether they are fatter or thinner? It turns out that the harder they work, the fatter they are~

According to a survey of employees who need to sit in front of the computer for a long time for lunch, shortening lunch time in order to find time to do more work has become the main reason for white-collar workers to become fat.

In this abnormal eating process, the brain's' distraction 'from food is the main culprit!

The results of this interesting study may surprise many people!

The harder people work, the more likely they are to get fat.

The reason is that the 'distraction' of hard work makes him feel less full after meals.

To reach this conclusion, rose E. Oldham Cooper, a researcher in experimental psychology at the University of Bristol, conducted an experiment.

He divided 44 participants into two groups and gave them a lunch with nine kinds of food.

He asked one group to play computer card games while eating, and the other group to concentrate on eating.

The results showed that even after 30 minutes, card players ate more snacks than those who were focused on eating.

To make matters worse, when participants were asked to recall what they had for lunch, it took much longer for card players to remember. The more pressure you have at work, the fatter you are

This research result can also be used to explain why some friends always say that people are getting fatter and fatter since I graduated from work!

When people feel pressure, they will reduce their psychological burden through delicious food. Therefore, many people who work overtime have all kinds of snacks at their desks.

When you are under pressure, your hand will reach out to these foods unconsciously.

Several kinds of food that will gain weight rapidly

In order to avoid becoming the next fat man and suffering from various diseases, these foods must not be put on your desk!

Ice cream: ice cream contains a lot of fat, which stays in the stomach longer than other foods.

Mashed potatoes with cream: mashed potatoes with milk, cream or cheese can make your stomach uncomfortable.

Chocolate: chocolate can cause the lower esophageal sphincter to relax, making gastric acid reflux, stimulating the esophagus and pharynx.

Fried food: oil in high temperature will produce a kind of material called 'acrylic acid', which is difficult to digest.

Spicy food: red pepper or Mexican pepper can stimulate the inner wall of the esophagus. After eating, there will be a kind of annoying heartache and increase the burden on the stomach.

What else can distract you from getting fat?

In fact, in addition to 'lunch while working' will make your body fat, there are many bad habits in life that you don't pay attention to, which can also make you fat quickly!!

For example:

Eating while cooking: eating standing can easily make your eating out of control. Eating from a bowl or dish is also better than eating directly from a bag or box, because large containers make you more inclined to eat more.

Eating while watching TV: grabbing a few potato chips, sucking a few mouthfuls of ice cream, which has almost become a habit after turning on the TV, will also rapidly increase your body weight.

Eating while drinking: at the party, you may be a little nervous, so let your hands busy with a lot of food and drink, and drink constantly to ease your mood. Alcohol can reduce your vigilance to unconscious eating, and you drink a few more drinks when you are unconscious eating, and a vicious circle is formed.

Obesity is actually caused by bad habits. Usually we have to hold our mouths and step forward to keep in shape.