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Why does no one dare to deal with Zhuo Wei? Is Zhuowei popular in the entertainment circle?

original title: why does no one dare to deal with Zhuo Wei? The real reason is that they have to obey him Zhuo Wei, who is known as "the first paparazzi in mainland China", has exposed numerous stars' privacy from his career as a journalist to his career as a professional paparazzi, and then to the establishment of a paparazzi team, the popular studio, such as Feng Xiaogang, Gao Yuanyuan, Wu Yifan, and Liu Kaiwei. His reports have not only received social repercussions, but also attracted a lot of abuse. So the question is, why has no one dared to deal with him so far?

1、 The scale of Zhuo Wei's disclosure did not exceed the legal provisions

Maybe you'll mention candid shooting, but Zhuo Wei has obviously studied the law. Otherwise, he can't say that stars have commodity attributes. We need to protect the public's right to know about commodities. In this case, stars, as public figures, naturally need to sacrifice part of their privacy and accept public opinion supervision. So as long as the camera is not installed in the room, there is no way to really Sue.

2、 Zhuo Wei's disclosure is very technical

It's not hard to find that Zhuo Wei's revelations are often specious. They are not obvious, but they can also be seen at a glance. For example, Liu Lang, who recently had a marriage problem between Yang Mi and Hawick Lau, has already hated Qingchuan, and once he has entered the lonely peak, his spring dream is broken. Is that right? I didn't mention it, so it's not feasible to sue for rumors or infringement of reputation.

3、 Stars dare not tear open face with Zhuo Wei

Who knows if Zhuo Wei is still a star who has been exposed by Zhuo Wei? In addition, if he is really against Zhuo Wei, it's inevitable that he won't be photographed all day long. After all, who can live without a stain. What's more, humanity would rather offend a gentleman than a villain. What a terrible thing it would be if there were people staring at him all the time.

4、 Maybe some stars and he win-win

Nowadays, there is a lot of hype in the entertainment industry. Who knows if artists are willing to be photographed by Zhuo Wei? Think about the intimacy of so many stars. They know they may be seen, but they don't pull the curtains. Maybe you can guess something. You need to know that you need a lot of publicity money to make a headline, and you may not be able to succeed, but once you find Zhuo Wei to cooperate and take the initiative to disclose the information, you can search it steadily. A star needs the information of entertainment to improve his popularity, while entertainment depends on the material provided by the star to obtain the capital of speculation. The two are mutually beneficial and win-win. Although sometimes entertainment is done too much, but the stars are not good to blame.

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