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How does the eye always shed tears return a responsibility? How should the eye always shed tears do?

Eye tears is a common phenomenon in our body, but if the eyes always cry, we all need to pay attention to it immediately, which may have something to do with some eye diseases. So, how to do eyes old tears? What's the reason? The following small make up for you to introduce the reasons of eyes old tears, hope to help you.

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The cause of tears in eyes

1. The lacrimal gland is stimulated by external stimuli such as cold air or wind, which can increase the amount of reflective secretion tears, and the excessive tears can not be discharged by the lacrimal passage in time and flow outside the eyelid, resulting in the phenomenon of tears.

2. The lacrimal secretion was normal, the lacrimal passage was unobstructed, the flushing was unobstructed, but the orbicularis oculi muscle relaxed, the lacrimal pump function weakened or disappeared, so that the lacrimal discharge was obstructed and tears appeared.

3. Due to the chronic inflammation of the eye: such as conjunctivitis, trachoma, trauma, foreign bodies, tumors and other reasons, the lacrimal passage is narrow, the lacrimal passage is not completely blocked, the lacrimal drainage function is reduced, and the normal amount of tears can not completely flow into the nasal cavity and flow out of the eyelids, resulting in tears.

Although the three cases all cause tears, the clinical treatment is different. The first is a purely physiological phenomenon of tears, external stimuli to remove the symptoms of tears stop, no treatment. The second is functional dacryocyst mucosa, which can strengthen the function of lacrimal drainage. The third is organic dacryocyst, which can shed tears even indoors. Lacrimal fluid can not be discharged in time and stay in the lacrimal passage, which will cause bacterial infection and dacryocystitis. At this time, the bacteria in the lacrimal sac can flow back to the conjunctival sac through the lacrimal dots. Will cause harm to the health of the eyeball. Should be timely to the hospital for treatment.

Precautions for tears

Eyes often shed tears, we should pay attention to whether there are foreign bodies or flying insects in the eyes. If there are such things, we only need to take them out in time. It can play a good shielding effect when we go out in our daily life. It is also possible that the eyelashes are too long to poke into the eyes and cause tears, so we need to pay attention to the trimming of eyelashes to avoid the problem of too long eyelashes Now, it affects the health of the eyes. In addition, don't look directly at the dazzling things, otherwise it will damage the eyes and cause tears.

The benefits of tears in the eyes

1、 Tears remove toxins

Emotional tears - tears of depression or sadness - are more toxic than angry tears (think about peeling onions). So are tears poisonous? No! Tears actually remove toxins from our bodies that are built up by stress. Tears are like a natural therapy or massage course, but it costs a lot less. So when you are sad and sad, don't hold back your tears. A wild cry is more suitable for you.

2、 Tears can clear the body of melancholic substances

Psychological expert research found that people shed tears when they are sad, the protein content is very high. This kind of protein is a harmful substance produced by mental depression, which accumulates in the body and is harmful to human health. A study by experts from the psychiatric Laboratory of St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center found that tears can relieve people's depression.

3、 Tears can detoxify

The biggest benefit of tears to the body is that tears help to excrete some toxins from the body. We know that in addition to lacrimal gland, there are dozens of other glands involved in the formation of tears. In this way, the composition of tears is quite complex. Strong emotional stimulation can make tears contain toxins harmful to human body. The transmission of excitement between one nerve source and another in human body depends on a kind of medium - central transmitter. If the central transmitter is too much, it will cause too many nerve impulses. Therefore, the body to produce a corresponding enzyme to decompose too much central transmitter, once the central transmitter is too much. Decomposing enzymes can not be completely decomposed, it is necessary to rely on tears to excrete it. Otherwise, if they can not be discharged smoothly, excessive central transmitters in tears will be harmful to people, and increase the incidence rate of ulceration and enteritis.

4、 Crying can detoxify

Whether they are sad or wronged, the first reaction of many people is to cry. This is a human instinct, but we should also grasp the heat when crying. Recently, psychologists have found that it is better not to cry for more than 15 minutes. In this time, people's tears caused by sadness contain a high level of harmful substances. Sending them through tears in time will not only benefit the body, but also reduce the degree of sadness and psychological pressure. Otherwise, harmful substances accumulate in people's body, people will get sick. And cry time is too long, although also achieve the purpose of detoxification, the stomach can't stand it. Because the function of gastrointestinal is very sensitive to emotion, sadness will slow down the movement of the stomach and affect appetite, which often leads to stomach disease. So, it's not impossible to vent your emotions and cry, just don't forget to look at your watch when you cry!