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Why is fan Yusu the one who swipes the screen in the circle of friends recently?

Recently, the circle of friends was swiped by fan Yusu. Why is she so hot? Let's have a look with Xiaobian~

1. You and I are all passers-by

Fan Yusu's realistic attitude makes many netizens who work hard in big cities feel the same. Netizens have said that they can not really integrate into the big city and become the master of the city. All kinds of "over the object" comment area, seemingly indifferent attitude hidden helpless and sad.

Watch happiness: I am a farmer, I am just a passer-by to the city!

Let it be: ready to sing (heaven and earth) long, passers-by rush tide up and down, gratitude and resentment, life and death, white head a few people can see through, red world rolling

Ji Xiaochen: I am a passer-by in the company. It has nothing to do with me whether may day is a holiday or not

2. To live is to do something that has nothing to do with eating

In big cities, there are thousands of people who insist on a better life. These netizens, like fan Yusu, stick to their inner dreams despite the pressure of life. These dreams also bring satisfaction and fun to their lives. Their stories seem ordinary, but they are full of power.

Zihan: when I first came out to work, I also liked writing. I had a dream to be a writer. Later, my teacher told me that if you want to change your destiny, you have to give up your dream completely. So all the way forward, fighting so far, finally lived in the city, but my heart is always in fear. The body has a stable place, but the heart has been floating. There is no smooth road, only constant steps.

Looking forward to the butcher's pig: I have been writing poems and lyrics since high school. I have never published them, but I have never given up. Maybe this is the only thing in my life that has nothing to do with eating!

Zhi = Mou: I remember when I was in college, there was a slogan on the wall of the school canteen, "eat to live, live not to eat." it's the same as the sentence "live to do something that has nothing to do with eating.".

3. No matter how ordinary life is, it can also shine

Fan Yusu and his works have been moved by netizens with their special charm. They were moved by the power of fan Yusu's writing and her free and wonderful life because of her literary grace.

Old man Simmy: a man with writing style can write down the most plain things. For example, a friend of mine always says: my mom's cooking is delicious. We envy to their home, in fact, a few pots of cabbage marinated by a mother, dizzy!

Quiet: she's real. She seems to be at a loss. In fact, she knows what she wants. She can see through, so her heart is very tired. Her feelings are the inspiration of her writing. When she expresses these feelings through writing, she is relaxed, happy and happy. I wish her a happy life.

The stream households are quiet and empty, and they open and fall one after another: there are real hot words, and there is no lack of humorous opinions on people and things, especially touched by the sentence in the article: people always have to do something that has nothing to do with eating.

4. The original dream, can only sacrifice it?

Not all people can adhere to their literary dream. Many netizens in the comment area recall their high spirited self, but now they are crushed by the reality and return to mediocrity.

Huang Ronghai: now, I rely on words to support my family. I no longer have the heart to collect my free expression. Coding has become a hard job. I didn't expect it. I'm worried all day long. In fact, what I want in life is simple. Even if I work hard, I'll get some words occasionally. But now I'm working outside the organization. I'm tired of singing praises!

Bagpipe: deep feeling! When I was young, I wandered outside and often had literary dreams! I just had no time to care about my livelihood. I didn't want to take chopsticks when I worked 14 hours a day. I still have the strength to take pen! Although I am still in the bottom class, I have enough food and clothing, but my spirit is always in a trance! What can I do?

Xueer: I was obsessed with writing poems and novels. My father-in-law said that I was not a person to live and that I had to divorce my husband. Later, I published many works one after another, but with the passage of time, the passion and dream of work, family, children and the elderly were all exhausted in the long river of time.

Yueerwan: for quite a few years, my literary skills were also good. My composition from primary school to high school ranked second or third. Later, I wanted to write some literature. Because I went to the factory, I was put off, which caused lifelong regret.

5. Make up your mind, who says women are inferior to men

Some female compatriots, after reading fan Yusu's story, deeply feel that she is independent and independent, not bound by her family, but self reliant. Female netizens tell their own experiences and status quo, hoping that they can be more courageous and determined like fan Yusu.