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Why is the box lunch on the high-speed rail more expensive than on the train?

People who sit on the high-speed rail know that although the car's grade has improved a lot and the speed has increased a lot, even the price of lunch boxes is also going up. The box lunch on the train lasts as long as 15 yuan, but the box lunch on the high-speed rail can be sold to more than 40 yuan at different prices. Is there a box lunch of 15 yuan on the high-speed rail? Yes! But it depends on how you buy it?

A few days ago, Zhihu netizen @ Lan Lan gave you this picture, which has been spread on the Internet for several days & DARR; & DARR;

However, is it possible for 15 yuan to buy 40 yuan box lunch spread on the Internet?

Netizen 'LAN LAN' pointed out that the passenger transport regulations of EMUs stipulate that the 15 yuan box lunch should not be discontinued. When the 15 yuan box lunch is sold out, the higher level box lunch should be adjusted to 15 yuan.

'that's only half right. "A railway insider said that at present, the high-speed railway and EMUs have been implementing the relevant provisions to guarantee the continuous supply of 15 yuan boxed meal and 2 yuan prepackaged drinking water. If the supply is interrupted, the train should supplement and supply it in time. However, there is no saying that a higher price box lunch will be sold at 15 yuan when the supply is cut off.

For some people who say they can't buy a 15 yuan box lunch or that the salesperson 'conceals' that the 15 yuan box lunch is on sale, the person said that the act of deliberately' concealing 'the 15 yuan box lunch is in violation of the regulations. At least on the train of Shanghai Railway Administration, the salesperson is strictly required to sell every kind of catering product fairly.

However, the reporter also learned that some railway bureaus will outsource the catering on the train, which does not rule out the fact that some contractors sell 15 yuan less boxed meals in pursuit of interests.

Reporter experience high speed railway 15 yuan box lunch

The reporter recently experienced four high-speed trains on the Beijing Shanghai line and found that two high-speed trains can buy 15 yuan boxed meals, but in fact, these boxed meals sell very well. Many passengers quit when they see their "appearance" and either don't eat them or choose more expensive ones.

G138 high speed railway (Beijing Railway Bureau of Shanghai Hongqiao Nanjing South Section)

'sold out, but will make up '

The reporter took the g138 high-speed railway train to Nanjing. The catering supply is subordinate to the Beijing Railway Bureau. There are only 45 yuan and 65 yuan boxed meals on the dining car. What about the 15 yuan boxed meal? The steward said: 'it's all sold out. '

The reporter immediately thought of the "coup" which was popular on the Internet, and asked: "isn't it true that the 15 yuan package is guaranteed on the Internet? Is it feasible to make up for it with high price box lunch when the goods are out of stock at low prices?" the steward replied: 'this train will be replenished at Nanjing South Station, and it will be available after passing the station. It's impossible to sell the 45 yuan package for 15 yuan. '

G7263 high speed railway (Shanghai Railway Bureau of Nanjing south Shanghai Hongqiao section)

'yes, but it may have been done yesterday'

Later, the reporter took the g7263 train from Hefei to Shanghai railway station, which is provided by Shanghai Railway Bureau with catering services. There are three kinds of packages of 15, 28 and 30 yuan to choose from.

Among them, the 28 yuan box lunch is a pure meal. Referring to the 15 yuan box lunch, the dining car attendant stressed to the reporter that "the 15 yuan set meal is at room temperature.". What's the concept of 'normal temperature'? Our 28 or 30 yuan boxed lunch is supplied by the cold chain, but the 15 yuan boxed lunch is not. It may be made today or yesterday. But the quality can be guaranteed. Finally, I'd like to add: 'today's chicken leg rice is delicious and sells well. '

G226 high speed railway (undertaken by Jinan Railway Bureau of Shanghai Hongqiao Nanjing South Section)

Don't actively promote 15 yuan box lunch

The reporter had missed the lunch time when he got on the train, so the service staff of g226 high-speed railway only sold biscuits, fruits and other snacks on the train, and there was no staple food such as box lunch. When the reporter asked whether there was a box lunch, the steward first took out 40 yuan and 55 yuan for passengers to choose. If they didn't ask whether there was a cheaper box lunch, they almost didn't say there was a 15 yuan box lunch, but if the passengers insisted, they would take out a 15 Yuan box lunch.

G459 high speed railway (undertaken by Jinan Railway Bureau of Nanjing south Shanghai Hongqiao section)

There is no 15 yuan box lunch

The reporter took g459 high-speed railway back to Shanghai Hongqiao Station, because the time is not long, there is no service personnel on the car to push the car to sell food.

When the reporter inquired, the service staff said that there was no so-called "continuous supply of 15 yuan boxed meal" when only 40 yuan and 55 yuan boxed meal were offered. They explained that due to the difference of routes and low and peak seasons, the food sales on the train changed a lot, and the boxed meal actually didn't sell very well here.

Is it good to sell? Most passengers don't buy these "low cost" boxed meals

When taking the g138 high-speed railway, many passengers went to the dining car to have dinner, but the reporter found that almost no passengers proposed to buy the 15 yuan set meal. With his wife and son, Mr. Zhou bought two sets of 45 yuan: "that's the taste. The child doesn't eat much. Give him some meat dishes, and then buy some snacks. The rest of us, the two adults, will eat about the same. '

"Did you know that there is a 15 yuan box lunch on the train? Would you consider buying a low price set meal?"

That's 30 yuan. How dare I buy 15 yuan? I really want to save money. It's better to buy instant noodles and ham sausages, which are more fragrant. "The reporter looked around, and sure enough, several passengers were eating instant noodles. Mr. Lin, who came back to his hometown in Tianjin, also brought a vacuum packed chicken wings meal." I can't get used to the box lunch on the bus, so I can make do with it. ".

On the g226 high-speed railway, there are three kinds of meals at different prices, namely, 15 yuan, 40 yuan and 55 yuan. The 15 yuan boxed meal is stored in the refrigerator, cold and full vegetarian; in contrast, the 40 yuan boxed meal is served with beef, chicken legs and marinated eggs; the 50 Yuan boxed meal is served with vegetables, prawns, Pleurotus eryngii and beef, and the two kinds of boxed meals are warm and have better color. A customer judged the quality by the temperature of the lunch box and bought two 55 yuan shrimp lunch boxes.

The flight attendants of g226 said that they could provide 15 yuan boxed meals continuously. "However, we have not received the relevant regulations on the reduction of high price meals to 15 yuan circulated on the Internet.". On the g226 high-speed railway, in addition to the difference of dishes, the box lunch at different prices also has great differences in the shelf life and quantity of supply. The steward said that the box lunch at 40 and 55 yuan is supplied on the same day, and each can be kept for 72 hours at most, while the box lunch at 15 yuan can be kept for 9 to 10 days. The steward said: "the box lunch of 55 yuan is the best selling one here. The box lunch of 15 yuan and 40 yuan is not so much. The box lunch of 55 yuan is 200 copies a day. '

The reporter experienced a high-speed railway lunch box on the g138 high-speed railway. It is understood that the 65 yuan lunch box on this train only has the set meal of Pleurotus eryngii and chicken. Through the plastic packaging, you can see that there is also a shrimp in it; while the 45 yuan lunch box is much more abundant. You can choose braised meat, beef brisket and spicy chicken. According to the reporter's observation, the braised meat set has the best sales and the largest supply. The reporter ordered a sirloin potato set meal. The side dishes also include diced chicken shoots, carrots and kelp. The taste is pretty good. The set meal is a little more for girls, but it may not be enough for men.

The reporter found that most passengers would choose to have three meals before getting on the train. Some passengers would rather eat a bucket of instant noodles before checking in, rather than buy food on the high-speed railway, just because 'things on the train are expensive'. A female passenger going to Shanghai said that she seldom buys meals on the high-speed railway. "Sometimes she will buy water and biscuits and so on. She basically doesn't eat. The set meal on the bus is expensive and not delicious. She would rather take it from outside.". It seems that for passengers who buy boxed lunch on high-speed railway, "low cost performance" is their biggest concern.