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Why do we say that women are thirty like wolves and forty like tigers? Is it true that the older a w

As the saying goes, 'a woman is like a wolf at 30, a tiger at 40, sucking at 50, and a wave at 60'. In other words, after entering the age of 30, you can enjoy sex more happily. However, according to clinical cases, many girls have become indifferent or even disgusted with sex since they became pregnant and gave birth. They have become "cold beauties" in their husbands' mouth.

Why do we say that women are thirty like wolves and forty like tigers? Is it true that the older a woman is, the more erotic she is?

Experts in sexology say that in fact, whether it's' women are like wolves in their thirties and tigers in their forties' or apathy, these two completely different phenomena are typical portrayals of middle-aged women.

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Scientists at Texas State University have shown that women after the age of 30 are more greedy, time reported. The researchers interviewed 827 women, and the results showed that women who had passed the peak age but not yet menopause, that is, those aged 27-45, had the most active sex life. In this age group, sexual desire and sensuality will reach the peak, and sexual fantasy will be more intense and frequent. 'middle aged women are the most hardworking model workers in America in terms of sex;. '

In this regard, Taiwan's well-known gender writer guanghongyi analyzes that first of all, sex is a skill that practice makes perfect. Before the age of 30, most women are 'sex blind' and do not have enough knowledge and skills to enjoy themselves. After the age of 30, they get rid of the green and astringent, are more comfortable with sex, and know how to make themselves happy.

Secondly, at this time, most of the women completed the responsibility of establishing a family, raising children and developing career, and had higher expectations of life and enough energy. Finally, there are related studies that androgen is a key factor in determining female sexual desire. As women get older, their testosterone levels rise, so their libido is stronger.

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