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Why is crayfish so hot? Why is crayfish so delicious

In fact, you have been concerned about crayfish for a long time. If you are a curious baby who travels all over the country, you will easily find a phenomenon: when friends from all over the country treat you, they will enthusiastically introduce crayfish, a local flavor food. So I wonder: how can crayfish be a local delicacy in every place?

According to my Heresy (whether spicy crayfish has become the representative of the night Culture): crayfish satisfies the night culture and greatly improves the quality of the party. Because hands dyed spicy, if you abandon friends to Xiaoxie, spicy crayfish can easily be transformed into spicy Bangbang chicken. At the same time, it also makes it not easy for everyone to get off-line and play with their mobile phones, which can greatly improve the quality of the party. Therefore, some people avoid people's distraction and focus on mobile phones at parties, and even come up with a system that the person who hands in the mobile phone or who touches the mobile phone first pays the bill. But with crayfish, it all worked out perfectly.

Crayfish, also known as Procambarus clarkii or red crayfish, is a kind of omnivorous food with fast growing fat and strong adaptability. It has formed the tendency of hanging and beating in the ecological environment all over the world. Europe and the United States because of the crayfish flooding, and even issued a call for volunteers to hang. The picture below shows the crayfish rampant in Europe and the United States.

Despite all kinds of shocking news (for example, crayfish is prone to myolysis or Haff's disease and other diseases), in the face of delicious food, Chinese people still maintain the revolutionary fearless spirit of not being afraid to die and not being afraid to die, and they still have a special preference for crayfish.

According to the relevant media, the rumor was refuted. The main reason why crayfish can cause all kinds of diseases is that crayfish can grow freely in highly polluted heavy metal environment. This is due to its good detoxification mechanism, which can transfer heavy metals to the shell, and then remove the toxins through continuous molting, so the content of pollutants in the body does not necessarily exceed the standard. Moreover, most heavy metals are concentrated in the gills, viscera and shell of shrimp. For those of us who eat shrimp meat, if we only eat shrimp meat, we are less likely to suffer from heavy metal poisoning.