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Why do girls always like to be jealous?

Why do women love to be jealous? Women often become angry in love. Sometimes, there is no sign that the vinegar jar is overturned, leaving her boyfriend a series of question marks. Why do women love to be jealous? We have to find the root cause.

Women love to be jealous because they lack self-confidence. The reason why women love to be jealous is related to their own lack of self-confidence. Because no self-confidence can bind a man's heart, when they see a man talking with other women who look better than themselves, they will have a strong sense of doubt and crisis. Some women will restrain this kind of doubt and crisis, while some women will choose to explode on the spot Hair.

Women love to be jealous because they are possessive. Women also have their own possessive desire for men, and being jealous is a symbol of possessive desire. Possessiveness is not only the inner exclusivity, but also has a strong absolute exclusive right to people and things. Once his man smiles at other women, his heart will ignite a fire of jealousy.

Women love to be jealous because they have no sense of security. Women are always insecure creatures. They are afraid that they will no longer be loved because of the involvement of a third party. This is one of the reasons why many women worry that their husbands will find a third child outside after they get married. But in fact, sometimes the so-called third party is not the imaginary enemy caused by women's worry.

Women love to be jealous because of family influence, and women are not born to be jealous. If a woman lives in a happy and harmonious family since childhood, her childhood influence will make her more confident, charming and confident. On the contrary, the unhappiness of the family and the unharmonious feelings of her parents will make her distrust the marriage life, which will also be caused by her parents Inferiority and other negative emotions, and then affect the couple's life.

Women love to be jealous because of their strong dependence. Compared with men, women are more dependent, which means that women are bound to guard men in a meticulous way. Women have a small mind. Therefore, the way women express their love to the people they love is somewhat implicit. So a little bit of wind and grass will make you jealous.