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Why do some women go to the bathroom and have a baby?

It is always reported in the news that women can give birth to children in the toilet. Is this really unscientific? Is it that easy to have a baby? From a medical point of view, it's not necessarily a good thing that a child is born too fast!

Let's talk about the process of childbirth. Childbirth is divided into three stages, which are called three stages in medicine.

The first stage of labor is from uterine contraction to uterine opening. Generally, it takes about 11-12 hours for primipara, and only 6-8 hours for multipara.

The second stage of labor is from the full opening of the uterine orifice to the birth of the baby. It takes about 1-2 hours for primiparas and less than 1 hour for multipara.

The third stage of labor is until the placenta is delivered. Most mothers only need 5-15 minutes.

The first stage of labor, uterine dilation is slow, pregnant mothers do not worry, actively cooperate with the doctor, the baby will soon start.

In medicine, the total labor process (from uterine contraction to placenta delivery) is less than 3 hours, the rate of cervical dilatation of primipara is more than 5 cm per hour, and the rate of cervical dilatation of multipara is more than 10 cm per hour.

Seduce the Goblins who are in a hurry to give birth

Too strong and too fast contractions

Premature delivery (delivery at 29-36 weeks of gestation)

Have hypertension, anemia, hyperthyroidism and other pregnancy diseases

Abnormal conditions such as too small fetus, twins, fetal malposition, etc

The cervix of multiparty women is loose, the pain is weak and the feeling is slow, which is easy to cause emergency labor

With these performances, hurry to the hospital!

Pregnant women more than 28 weeks of gestation, if there is water break, short-term pain in the waist and abdomen, and a strong sense of defecation, and even bleeding, it is likely to have an emergency birth, pregnant women should go to the hospital immediately!

Having a baby in the toilet is nothing new~

The 22-year-old girl, a native of Pujiang, graduated from high school. Because her home was too far away from her work place, she rented a cubicle in Jiangnan New Village and usually lived alone.

At the end of last year, through a friend's introduction, the girl met a local young man in Pujiang, and soon they had a relationship. The next month, she didn't have menstruation, and the girl didn't pay attention to it. Until the beginning of this year, she found out that she was pregnant.

A little flustered girl, immediately found the young man who had a relationship, but the other side did not admit that the child was his. She had to hide it because she was afraid of being scolded by her parents.

The girl talked about having a baby

I want to go to the hospital, but I have no money. In order to cover up my pregnancy, I always use cloth to wrap my abdomen when I go out. I also wear loose clothes because I am fat. After covering up, no one can see that I am pregnant.

On the afternoon of the 25th, I suddenly felt a stomachache and wanted to go to the toilet to defecate. As a result, not long after I squatted down, the child was born and directly slipped into the sewer.

When I saw the child in the sewer, I tried to grasp it with my hands, but the more I grasped the child, the deeper it slid. Even if I used a mop, I couldn't get the child out.

Afraid of being found, I rushed to clean the blood on the ground, and then hurriedly told the landlord that there was a child in the sewer. Although the fire officers and soldiers rescued the child, but worried that they could not raise the child, I chose silence.

"During the first investigation, we found that the girl was very concerned about her child's life and death, because there were more people who cared about her at that time, so we didn't pay much attention to her. Unexpectedly, it was her. Zhang Jianbo said that what can be determined now is that the girl is indeed xiaomaotou's biological mother, but whether the specific process is really like what the girl said, they still need to continue to investigate.

Because the girl continued to work after giving birth to her baby, she had a high fever yesterday and turned pale. The police have informed her parents to take her to the hospital. And xiaomaotou, Zhang Jianbo has entrusted the hospital to take care of him for a few more days.

Doctor: it's possible to have a baby in the toilet

Is it possible for the girl to say that? Huang Meihuan, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Pujiang County People's Hospital, gave a positive answer.

"The possibility of easily giving birth to the first child is very small, but it is also possible that according to everyone's constitution, pregnant women who often take part in labor and often lie in bed may easily give birth, and premature babies are more likely. Huang Meihuan said that the act of wrapping a girl's abdomen with cloth may be one of the reasons for premature delivery, and may also affect the development of the fetus.

Huang Meihuan explained that after giving birth to a child, we must do a B-ultrasound to see if there are residual placentas and fetal membranes in the uterus. If there are, it may cause infection, lead to postpartum hemorrhage, and even lead to ectopic pregnancy or infertility in the future.