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Who is Chen Yanfei? People who have seen the star dream all know?

Today, actress Chen Yanfei announced her marriage on her microblog, and everyone remembered it. I think everyone who has seen xingmengyuan knows it. Let's have a look~

Do you still remember the idol drama "star dream" that you pursued in those years? Mainland actress Chen Yanfei, who plays Lin Sitong in the drama, announced her wedding on Weibo, saying: 'this chef, your leg hair has been repaired [insidious]! In the future, you will do the housework and I will eat the meat. We will stride forward together in the future. 'as soon as the news came out, netizens expressed their blessings one after another, while others lamented that their idols were married and they were still single.

As for Chen Yanfei, many post-80s and post-90s still remember her in the period of "star dream fate". Chen Yanfei, born in 1984, married herself at the age of 33.

Yang Rong sent her best wishes: 'Wow, Congratulations, happy new marriage, always happy. '

Many netizens exclaimed: 'my God, I'm still single after all my idols have been married for so many years. I wish you happiness for maijiayong.

In fact, when it comes to Chen Yanfei's road to fame, it is estimated that many post-90s still have fresh memories, because the once movie "star dream" has made too many people remember deeply, and Chen Yanfei is Lin Sitong with a yellow explosive head in the play at that time. Although her acting skills are green, it just proves her later growth. Now it's more than ten years since Chen Yanfei's debut, but she's still in a state of tepid, why?

Why is Chen Yanfei not angry?

Tianya news 1: the company is not good. According to Tianya's disclosure to Chen Yanfei, part of the reason why Chen Yanfei is not popular is that the company that signed the contract is too small, and there is no way to get a good role and a famous role. As a result, Chen Yanfei can only mix in the third rate role, and her fame can't be mentioned.

Tianya news 2: bad character, love to hook up with male stars. Another source on Tianya said that Chen Yanfei was not popular because of her bad character, and she liked to hook up with male stars, so she was not popular. But Xiaobian feels that this is not credible. After all, it's better than Tang Yan's love of hype and collusion.

I offended Xinzi. The last reason is that there is no basis. Some people say that Chen Yanfei has offended Xinzi, so she has no way to be popular. If you want to offend people, you can't be very popular. It's possible, but Xinzi is an n-line guy, and she can only play thunder dramas like Jigong. How can she make others unpopular? This is a funny reason.

Who is Chen Yanfei's husband?

Although Chen Yanfei is now 31 years old, she still can't be a bride, so she doesn't have a husband. However, she has a boyfriend. According to the information, Chen Yanfei's boyfriend is not small. Although she's not a rich second generation, she's powerful and powerful, she's also a well-known person with a head and a face. He's Cheng Lei, the host of Oriental satellite TV, who once presided over the meeting Excellent hosts of Saturday, China's got talent show and Star Academy.