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Will sedentary gain weight?

Usually sitting in the office, have you ever worried that your stomach will be full of fat? You should know that your stomach is one of the parts that are easy to be stimulated. As long as you stick to exercise for a period of time, you can see the effect. But many people don't like sports. Here's how to lose weight without sports!

Sedentary causes lower body weight gain

Many female employees watch TV in the same posture at home, and they don't seem to be aware of the effects of sedentary sitting on their lower body muscle sagging, small stomach and fat buttocks. This situation is the most common among women aged 20-40, about 70% of them sit for more than 7 hours a day, and the resulting lower body obesity is also very serious.

Because love to eat rich in sugar snacks and fried food, so the lower body is easy to get fat. This seems to be the reason recognized by most women. However, the main reason is to keep the same posture for a long time, which makes fat cells continue to divide and grow. In the interaction of two reasons, it will make the lower body more likely to become fat.

In addition, eating bread, spaghetti and other foods rich in sugars can also lead to obesity. Because of excessive intake, the body can not digest the remaining sugar, only the remaining sugar into body fat accumulation. This will increase the blood sugar content, and will make the protein coagulate together, hinder the flow of lymph, leading to skin hardening. If this kind of "saccharification" continues to develop, it may make you look older than you really are, and your lower body will become fat.

If you need to be sedentary, you must take the right approach. Keep in mind the following principles:

Walk around all the time

If you can't sit continuously, you should stand up and take two steps every other period of time. Even if you don't stand up, you should stretch your waist and take a deep breath, which is more conducive to your health.

Don't cross your feet

Foot curling is a subconscious action of many people when they are sitting. Although it can relax the muscles, it is not healthy. Due to the excessive distribution of weight to a pair, the spine will bend. The best way is to cross the bare ankles and knees, which is a very wrong 'sitting' method.

Arm 90 degrees

90 degrees or more is the ideal elbow bending state, and the environmental arm can play this role. People who often use the keyboard to type should adjust the armrest of the chair to improve the discomfort of the elbow. Excessive compression of the wrist nerve will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, leading to hand pain.