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Why is eye excrement met a lot of?

Get up every morning will be their own smoke inside the eye excrement to paste live, why the eyes inside will secrete eye excrement? Now let's take a look at why there is a lot of eye excrement?

How is eye excrement much to return a responsibility? Sometimes rise in the morning when wash a face, the eye that can discover eye excrement much cannot open. So how is eye excrement much to return a responsibility? Below we look at the reason of eye excrement much together.

In our eyelids, there is a piece of cartilage called 'meibomian plate'. There are many meibomian glands arranged orderly in the meibomian plate. The mouth of the meibomian gland is at the edge of the eyelids and near the eyelashes. The meibomian gland will continuously secrete a kind of liquid like oil. During the day, the oil is applied to the edge of the eyelid through the blink of the eyelid, which has a protective effect on the eyes. It can prevent the lubricating eye water from flowing out of the eye, and prevent the sweat from entering the eye. However, when a person is asleep, his eyes are closed for a long time, and the oil is still secreted. The accumulated oil is mixed with the dust and impurities in the tears that enter his eyes during the day, and forms eye excrement at the corner of his eyes.

How is eye excrement much to return a responsibility

Normal a small amount of eye excrement everyone will have, is not what disease. But if eye dropsy suddenly increases, it is likely to be caused by fire, especially in autumn and winter. Autumn and winter dry climate, the human body is prone to water shortage, resulting in fire, eye excrement increased. But it should be noted that if the amount of eye excrement suddenly increases and the color is pink or red, it may be caused by conjunctivitis, trachoma and other eye diseases.

Usually, in our work and study, if we use our eyes too long, it will lead to eye fatigue and sub-health. At this time, our eyes will secrete more oil and lubricant to adjust, because there will be an increase in eye excrement. This is not a pathological problem. We should pay attention to the reasonable use of our eyes and have a proper rest.

There are also some friends who use their eyes unhygienically. They usually like to rub their eyes directly with their fingers. In this way, bacteria and viruses can easily enter the eyes, causing infection and increasing eye excrement.

If you are in a bad mood, you will cry for a long time and your eyes will be dim. In fact, it is very harmful to your eyes. It will not only cause more red blood in your eyes, but also cause temporary blindness. It is not surprising that the amount of eye excrement will increase.

In addition, all kinds of eye diseases, such as trachoma and red eyes, can cause the increase of eye excrement. In this case, please go to the hospital for treatment, and timely apply drugs for control.

How to prevent eye excrement

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that too much eye excrement is the cause of heat in the liver meridian, stagnation of liver qi, deficiency and fire in the body. Therefore, proper Chinese medicine should be used to regulate the body, pay attention to diet at ordinary times, and do not eat spicy and hot food, which will help to reduce the occurrence of eye excrement.

In addition, we should pay attention to eye hygiene, do not let the eyes too tired. Every period of time, we can gently touch the corners of our eyes with our fingers to see if there is any accumulation of eye excrement. If there is any, we can wipe it off with a paper towel to maintain a good image. If the long-term excessive secretion of eye excrement, and with pus; with blood; into water or sticky words, it may be eye disease. Should go to the hospital to check, in order to take corresponding treatment measures.

If it is due to the increase in eye excrement caused by fire, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, you can often drink chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea, can play a very good control effect. In addition, we should also prevent office eye disease, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, try not to face the computer for a long time. After working for an hour or two, you can take a proper rest and see some green plants to relax your eyes. Do not use the computer too close to the computer. If the eyes feel dry and uncomfortable, blink as much as possible to reduce eye moisture evaporation.

It can be said that too much eye excrement is a sign of eye inflammation. If there is too much eye excrement, it should be checked and treated in time.