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What is tongue sores? What are the treatment methods for tongue sores?

In daily life, many friends will complain about how they always have sore mouth and tongue? What's the reason? The following editor will explain the causes and treatment of sore mouth and tongue in detail for you. Let's take a look together! This situation is mostly caused by internal fire stagnation, that is, eating too much meat and meat in the diet. Less vegetables, too little vitamins and crude fiber.

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Causes of oral ulcer

This situation is mostly caused by the accumulation of internal fire, that is, eating too much meat and meat in the diet. Less vegetables, too little vitamins and crude fiber. Cause toxin accumulation in the body. In addition, there may be less activity and no good excretion, resulting in bad breath and sore tongue. First of all, we need to change the diet structure, drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits. More outdoor activities. Don't keep sitting. Accelerate metabolism and excrete impurities in the body. Brush your teeth on time sooner or later, and brush carefully with a better toothpaste. Including the surface of the tongue. If the problem of tongue sores is more serious, vitamin C can be supplemented appropriately to enhance cell activity and regeneration ability.

Treatment of oral ulcer

1. Bad breath and sore tongue usually have toxin accumulation in the digestive tract, which is manifested from the oral cavity. Some of them are accompanied by constipation, dry stool and other problems. Therefore, the fundamental solution is to regulate the diet structure, diversify the food, properly eat some coarse grains, exercise more, properly eat more bananas and sweet potatoes, or drink some honey, which can play the role of clearing intestines and detoxification.

2. Reduce work pressure, pay attention to rest, don't stay up late, pay attention not to eat too much meat and other heavy taste food, all kinds of vegetables and fruits can eat more, avoid smoking and alcohol, frequently brush your teeth, appropriate abdominal massage, best before going to bed. Massage the abdomen clockwise. It can clean the whole intestines, accelerate the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach, and help to accelerate the excretion.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, you can choose vegetarian food according to your own situation. Reduce the intake of acid substances such as meat. Reduce work pressure, drink less or no alcohol, learn to relax and keep a happy mood. Regular exercise to maintain health and vitality is helpful for the body. You can eat more bananas or sweet potatoes to increase the excretion capacity of the intestines and stomach.