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Why do the clean clothes put in the wardrobe turn yellow when they are taken out?

White or light colored clothes will turn yellow over time. The main reason for the yellowing of white or light colored clothes is the oil secreted by human body, especially polyester fabrics.

Measures to prevent yellowing: 1. Avoid exposure to the sun.

2. The fabric should be kept dry during storage. The yellowing of the fabric in wet state is much larger than that in dry state.

3. Wash off stains as completely as possible before storing. Besides water, inorganic salt and urea, sweat also contains lactic acid, fatty acid and many kinds of amino acids. The organic matter that has not been completely washed remains on the clothes and turns yellow after a long time of oxidation. Sebum and protein stains are the same.

4. Before storing clothes, wash clothes more times to avoid the residue of washing products.

5. During storage, do not contact with leather and belts containing phenolic antioxidants; avoid using brown paper, brown cardboard, plastic film and heat shrinkable plastic film containing phenolic antioxidants to package and collect clothes.