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Why do stars twinkle? Do twinkle stars shine

If you look closely, only stars flash, but planets don't. Why? We can find this secret under the astronomical telescope: the star is too far away - the nearest star is 4.6 light years away from the earth - it is just a small point on the earth, while the planet is close, and it is a round surface on the earth. What's the relationship between twinkle and non twinkle? Because we observe the stars through the atmosphere, there are impurities and disturbances in the atmosphere, and the star is very tolerant of a little light It's easy to be disturbed and flicker, and the planet is a very small circle (although it's also a dot to the naked eye), and it's made up of innumerable light spots. So the anti-jamming ability is much stronger, so it doesn't seem to flash. 2. There is a thick layer of air outside the earth. This thick layer of air whose temperature and density are constantly changing will make the light passing through it refract many times. In this way, the light emitted by stars will change from left to right, from front to back, from light to light, from light to light, from light to light, from light to light, That's why stars twinkle, and there's also the possibility that they can be blocked in the process of light propagation, for example, because they are deflected by a strong effect