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Why do children like swearing? How to educate children to swear?

question: I understand that there was a time when children liked to say dirty words when they were young, but now they are in middle school. I find that it is popular among students to say some heavy words, regardless of occasion, which makes parents very embarrassed.

Li Zhengrong: you are quite right. There will be a period when preschool children like to say "shit, pee, fart". There are several reasons why children like to say dirty words. First, adults will have a strong reaction. Second, children just imitate what they hear, and have no special meaning. Third, they misuse it, not intentionally attack others. Fourth, they deliberately express a strong emotion, just like adults when they are angry. It's normal, as Dr. Paul Bloom of Yale University said: 'it's just a child's language learning. A dirty word had no special meaning as a taboo for children at that time. They will gradually understand that these words have violated social taboos. '

After education, children will realize the social taboos, and gradually take swearing as a shame and learn to control themselves. But in the senior grade of primary school, especially in adolescence, children begin to speak vulgar language, and even create some vulgar language as a specific circle culture. In the view of psychologists, it's also normal that swearing is like 'a ticket to the adult world', giving half a kid an adult illusion. In addition, I also noticed that now children use wechat and chat on the Internet, they are easily infected by the network language and the dynamic pictures of playing brush ball. These less serious expressions bring them new feelings. Teenagers have the habit of creating their own language. Even if they prohibit or filter swearing, they can also create new swearing by skillfully changing the font and voice, exaggerating to express certain emotions.

From the perspective of language, frequent use can strip the original meaning of a word. For example, the very popular word 'diaosi' in the adult world is actually a very vulgar word. In wechat chat, some children will frequently use vulgar dynamic pictures or expression packs, but they will not do so in life.

What kind of words are dirty and what kind of words are offensive? On this issue, different families have different feelings. Adults definitely need to set limits, and obviously accepted swearing should be prohibited. How to ban it? Every family has its own way. Every time I hear a child swearing, I will find an opportunity to learn linguistics with him in private, calmly and seriously tell him from the origin of semantics: why is this swearing, why does this word become swearing, and why people who hear it feel attacked.

In addition, can we maintain a completely clean environment? Is this really good? When I was a child, my parents never said any rude words, didn't smoke, didn't drink, didn't beat people, didn't swear, didn't have any bad habits. I grew up in the same language environment as distilled water. When I first heard people swearing at me, I was greatly frightened and completely confused.

In his book children and evil, Kawakami said: 'simply rejecting evil will bring more evil. "For example, some parents who never allow their children to say dirty words torture their children for hours without asking questions. I don't know which is the real evil.