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What is the cause of flatfoot? Why can't flatfoot soldiers

Flatfoot people, because of their own foot arch development is not complete, or the lack of the situation, will limit the flatfoot people employment situation. The following is the reason why you can't be a soldier with flat feet carefully arranged by Xiaobian. Let's have a look. Because flat foot crowd, its arch development is not mature enough, so it will make the patient for some sports project in the disadvantage.

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The reason why flat foot can't be a soldier

Because the flat foot crowd, its arch development is not mature enough, so it will make the patient for some sports project in the disadvantage, and the flat foot patient's own foot for the ground elasticity and impact will also be affected, so there are some occupation range is not flat foot crowd.

Being a soldier requires a lot of physical training, including running, jumping, climbing and so on. Because of the lack of foot arch in patients with flat feet, it will lead to the occupation of soldiers, so people with flat feet will not be selected.

It's not that flat footed people have a bad image, or that their physical fitness is bad. Just in the process of being a soldier, many aspects of physical training will be related to the development of their own feet. In the case of flat feet, patients are not only unable to complete all kinds of physical training smoothly, but even at the end of the crane. Therefore, it is impossible for flat feet to be elected as a soldier.

For example, patients with flat feet are not only unable to serve as soldiers. For example, some policemen or professional athletes, because of their own underdeveloped or missing arches, people with flat feet will be rejected. So when I was young, if I found flatfoot symptoms, I need to be treated in time to strengthen the development of the arch of the foot and avoid the formation of flatfoot.

Flatfoot people can not be soldiers, not because of poor physical fitness, not because of poor image, mainly because of flatfoot foot foot arch development is not good, resulting in patients with a variety of jumping disadvantage, but unable to complete a series of aspects of physical training, which leads to flatfoot people can not be soldiers.

Treatment of flatfoot

Congenital flatfoot is born, it can't be changed. When the child was a child, take him to the hospital for treatment, and try to accept the change of flatfoot when the child's bone is soft.

Flat feet usually do not walk too much road, otherwise the sole of the feet will be very tired, very acid swelling. This is caused by the physiological structure of the flatfoot itself. If you want to go out, try to take a car or drive instead of walking for a long time. Go out can use corrective insole.

Flat feet don't wear high heels. The principle is very simple. There is no arch in the middle of a flat foot. If it is a high-heeled shoe, the front is low and the back is high, the strength of the foot can't support it. Flat shoes at least don't put extra body pressure on the arches.

Some people's flat feet are acquired. In the accident injury, even the foot injury, may let the footstep get flatfoot. If it is the result of the accident the day after tomorrow, go to the hospital in time to receive restorative treatment and training, there is still a chance of good treatment.

We can't do without walking every day. Whether it is congenital or acquired flatfoot, we can practice and exercise by ourselves. When you are at home, put three or five books on the ground, then take off your shoes, stand on the book with the front sole and the back heel exposed, that is, the back heel is not supported by gravity. Use this method to exercise the arch of the foot.

In addition, some hospitals have specific shoes for flat feet, which are usually called 'negative heel' shoes. This is also a pair of shoes with heels. It's just that the part of high heels is on the front sole of the foot. It's also available in the general market, and the quality is uneven. Its function is also the principle that we stand on the book.