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Why don't Chinese women want to marry poor men?

This question is particularly worth pondering. Is it because women are too realistic or society is too realistic? Let's have a look~

Here, I think, a man, 7-10 years after graduation, still belongs to the moonlight clan. He has little savings, no savings, no house, no car, and his family is poor, and his parents live in the bottom line. This belongs to the poor. And it's a useless man with no promise, no backbone, no fighting spirit

If you marry a poor man, put up with poverty!

You may have a big stomach to squeeze a bus or ride a bicycle. If someone bumps you, remember to protect your stomach first. More importantly, your child will also live in a very poor environment, nutrition may be very poor. Maybe lose at the starting line.

Because you are poor and can't afford it, you may have to kill your own child. That is to say, killing him may also lead to infertility in the future.

Because of poverty, you may not have the money to treat your parents when they are ill, that is to say, let them wait for death. Because China's medical insurance is in vain.

Now the hospital cesarean section operation fee is 10000, prenatal examination also has several thousand, in the hospital toll gate, you have no money to pay, you tell others, although I have no money, but my husband and I have love, you don't charge the operation fee, OK!

Come back, your parents live in a dilapidated small house, the construction quality is very poor, in case of earthquake may collapse, you have no money, find the real estate agent said, I have no money, but my husband and I have love, I am also very filial to my parents, your set of shockproof house to me, OK!

If a woman, over 28 years old, is engaged in dating, especially through blind date or introduction, and finds more than 30 poor men who have no savings, no car and no stable job, and can't afford to buy a house or have children, I don't think that this woman is in love first, noble and aesthetical, but only think that this woman's brain is sick.

At this time, you will say I do, because I just love him! But & hellip;

But you can't afford to have children;

However, you can't give your baby a good living environment;

However, once your parents get sick, you can't even afford to treat them. Do you want to watch them endure the pain?

However, love can not maintain the usual tea, rice, oil and salt;

However, love is often defeated by bread;

However, there are so many but, just because you have no money!