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Why people blush when they are shy

In fact, blushing is directed by the mind. Our visual and auditory nerves are all concentrated in the mind. When we see and hear something that makes us shy, our eyes and ears immediately transmit the news to the cerebral cortex. In addition to contacting the relevant parts, the cerebral cortex also stimulates the adrenal gland. When the adrenal gland is stimulated, it immediately responds and secretes suprarenal glandulin. Adrenaline has a characteristic that when it is secreted in a small amount, it can make the blood flow disappear and expand, especially the small subcutaneous blood vessels on the face; but when it is secreted in a large amount, it will make the blood vessels contract. When we feel embarrassed, it is the cerebral cortex that stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete a small amount of adrenaline, so our faces get hot and red. It's not just shyness that makes you blush, but also when you're happy and angry. In extreme anger, the face is not only red, it is red for a while, green for a while, sometimes turn pale, this is the adrenal gland in a lot of secretion, make vasoconstriction, alternate congestion anemia, or make blood vessels in anemia for a long time.