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Why do netizens scold Chen Yufan?

Today, Bai Baihe is on the hot search, not because the TV series "surgeon" will be released in the near future, nor because the leading roles are Jin Dong and Bai Baihe. I believe that people who don't pay so much attention to entertainment information will know the news today, that is, Bai Baihe is cheating.

In short, we have said before that your circle is really chaotic, and the news of being cheated and cheated is really full of people's ears every so often. Bai Baihe's previous image should be more positive. This kind of thing happened this time. I don't know whether I will be canceled for the part of helping singing in singer. And just yesterday, the press conference of the new play "surgeon" was announced. Today, such a thing broke out.

I don't know how the investor of TV series will feel? Some netizens even said that this is a new TV series just released, so it broke out an affair to hype. In Xiaobian thought, even if you want to hype, you will not be exposed to derailment. After all, this is not a glorious thing. This kind of hype is harmful to the release of the new play, but not beneficial!

At the same time that everyone denounces white lily. More netizens go to Chen Yufan's microblog to comfort him. But according to the news, Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe's microblogs cancelled their attention to each other in August last year. Once a loving couple, the duet of "crystal" still lingers in my ears. Now, it seems that we have to go our separate ways.

Bai Baihe's infidelity was reported on the Internet, but Chen Yufan has not made any response. Some netizens commented that Chen Yufan is really a scum man. What happened to your wife? Don't you send a microblog to comfort him? Although netizens scold Chen Yufan, the whole discourse should be really in love with him! Before the Internet, it was revealed that Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe had broken bones with each other last year. They were fighting each other. But we can't make a shadow of it without evidence.

And Chen Yufan's Micro blog is comforted by netizens. I don't know when in the entertainment industry these cheating events will no longer be staged on a large scale. Marriage is very important for both parties. Please be grateful and respect for your marriage. After all, the combination of the two shows that you must have loved each other deeply. Please do it and cherish it.