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Why is Bai Jingting exciting? How did he become popular?

See Xiaobai feel special sunshine ~ there is always a feeling of university seniors ~ feel that he is red overnight, then how is he red? Let's have a look~

Bai Jingting, the actor on the Internet, will take the place of Ke Zhendong in the movie "small times". Bai Jingting, who has no news for a long time, instantly becomes the attention of many netizens. What makes fans curious is, of course, Bai Jingting's feelings. Who is Bai Jingting's girlfriend? Then some netizens dig up Bai Jingting's personal data and other information. Since his debut, Bai Jingting has appeared in many works and won public recognition. As the spokesman of the post-90s warm man, he once played the role of Qiao ran, the No.2 man in "that year in a hurry". Because of his beautiful and warm appearance and calm and elegant temperament, he is deeply loved by everyone.

Many netizens really know Bai Jingting after he appeared in the TV play "that year in a hurry". In that year in a hurry, Bai Jingting plays Qiao ran, a clean, gentle and warm man. Bai Jingting's temperament is completely consistent with the character. According to the director, when choosing the role of 'Qiao ran', all the staff members were extremely distressed and couldn't find an actor who could match the role.

It is understood that Bai Jingting was born in 1993, the standard post-90s. When shooting that year in a hurry, Bai Jingting was still a junior student. Since then, Bai Jingting has been deeply remembered by the audience. Since then, Bai Jingting has been labeled as a warm man. Bai Jingting also appeared in the TV series "whirlwind girl" and the film "whose youth is not confused", and so on, which has captured the hearts of many girls. Many netizens are very curious about Bai Jingting's girlfriend? But Bai Jingting once said in an interview that his feelings have always been blank.

In order to find a suitable actor for Qiao ran, the crew of that year in a hurry interviewed nearly 1000 actors. Director Yao Tingting was very upset about what kind of boys could perform Qiao Ran's clean, warm and simple performance, but chief screenwriter Tian Bo said: 'just when we were about to despair, Bai Jingting came down from the sky, with a face of ignorance and clean eyes, let us see the miracle, even the miracle As a man, my heart beat a few times. 'Yao Tingting also said that Bai Jingting's most touching thing is not his acting skills, but the purity of his eyes.

What you don't know is that Bai Jingting is still a junior in the Conservatory of music of Capital Normal University. He not only has a pretty face, but also has a lot of plug-in skills. He loves sports and plays basketball well. He has eight abdominal muscles. He has passed the piano level 10, so the piano play in "that year in a hurry" is easy to play. He has a high talent for acting. He is totally a blank sheet. He dares not look into the eyes of the actresses in the first trial. After a few hours of professional training, he can perform a free emotional play.

Many people say that Bai Jingting's current state is very similar to Ke Zhendong's. He became famous overnight, clean and sunny. When his agent team signed him, he also took a fancy to Xiao Bai's temperament. In addition to his appearance, he also has many plug-in skills, such as piano level 10, ability to dance and compose music, which all determine the various possibilities of his future development. There are even rumors that the part of Ke Zhendong's "little time 4" has been deleted, and Guo Jingming is urgently investigating new actors, and has met Bai Jingting. When Xiao Bai talked about this sensitive topic, he also played an official tune: "it's too difficult to play Jian Xi or Gu Yuan.".