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Can female dysmenorrhea really kill people?

Dysmenorrhea is not a disease. It hurts like hell! Men may never understand the hysterical pain when women come to their aunts, and many men think that dysmenorrhea is made up by women. Xiaojiu: hehe, you think you are song Zhongji? Even if you are song Zhongji, I have no time to deal with you when I came to my aunt!


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Dysmenorrhea is not a disease. It hurts like hell! Men may never understand the hysterical pain when women come to their aunts, and many men think that dysmenorrhea is made up by women. Xiaojiu: hehe, you think you are song Zhongji? Even if you are song Zhongji, I have no time to deal with you when I came to my aunt!

Every punctuation mark has been mentioned. Do you have it in your heart? There are so many days in every month. Gu Liang, who have broken stones in the womb, come on! Hold me tight!

1、 Why can dysmenorrhea?

In the small nine pain to roll on the bed, pain to despair, pain to no fun, had deeply considered this problem. With what! Every month six or seven days time body wants to bleed, want to clip thick aunt towel also even if, why to also endure this kind of inhuman pain!

Generally speaking, dysmenorrhea occurs when women begin to have regular menstruation. The pain usually occurs a few hours before or after the beginning of menstruation, and it will last for 1 to 3 days. There will be spasmodic pain on the pubis, sometimes accompanied by low back pain, thigh pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. in severe cases, the patient may even faint.

Dysmenorrhea is divided into two kinds, one is primary, that is, born, to blame can only blame your aunt too wayward. The occurrence of primary dysmenorrhea is mainly related to the increase of prostaglandin PGF2 alpha. Excessive release of PGF2 & alpha; can cause uterine smooth muscle contraction and vasospasm, resulting in uterine ischemia and hypoxia, which is also the main culprit of dysmenorrhea. Many people's dysmenorrhea is alleviated after having children. This is because fertility may bring certain changes to endocrine, so as to improve the excessive release of prostaglandins. But the chance is not big, so don't have too much hope to improve dysmenorrhea.

The second is temperament, who, don't cover your mouth and smile, it doesn't mean you have temperament when you feel pain. The so-called temperament menstrual pain refers to dysmenorrhea caused by pelvic organic diseases, such as endometriosis.

2、 How painful is dysmenorrhea?

In a word: it varies from person to person.

Some girls feel more pain, and this kind of pain will pass for her, while some girls feel less pain, and this kind of pain will completely affect her life and work.

Primary dysmenorrhea: abdominal pain is obvious, waist and leg acid, the whole body is not strong, but can barely adhere to the work.

Intermediate dysmenorrhea: it hurts all the time, sitting, lying, curling up, sweating all over. It's hard to concentrate and do things well.

Advanced dysmenorrhea: pain to cold, breathing difficulties, life is not like death, serious nausea and vomiting, if it happens to be at home, at least can lie in bed rolling, can also command male basin friend to serve on brown sugar water warm baby. Most afraid of going to work and school on the street, pain up into the basic illusion, around nothing to hear.

Restricted dysmenorrhea: there is only one idea in my mind: TMD, I will never be a woman again in my next life!!!

What reliable way to alleviate?

Speaking of this, yes, Xiaobian, as an aunt, has completely got rid of dysmenorrhea. Of course, it's not because she has been an aunt, but because Xiaobian has taken good care of herself for several years in a row. When she saw other people enjoying cold drinks, she forced herself to drink only warm water and soak her feet in hot water every night. Usually pay attention to keep your legs warm. For example, you must wear a pair of autumn pants in the cold winter and put a blanket on your legs when you stay in the air-conditioned room. When I come to my aunt, I drink brown sugar water, blow my stomach with a hair dryer, and ask my husband to massage my abdomen with warm hands when I go to bed (this is really effective!)

Of course, Xiaojiu's method is also personal experience, which may not work for all girls. In addition, the following methods are worth trying:

1. Keeping warm is absolutely King

Many dysmenorrhea symptoms are caused by cold, especially now many girls pursue slim figure, leading to different degrees of body deficiency, body cold (winter exposed thighs, wearing a thin silk stockings are doing! Die!) in menstruation, we need to pay special attention to the abdomen, legs, feet warm. What's more, in winter, how cold the weather is. The legs are black and purple. Where can you look? You can also heat your body by drinking hot water and brown sugar water. It can expand blood vessels, speed up blood flow and relieve pain.

2. Massage

When aunt comes, many people like to apply hot water bag on the abdomen, or stick warm, baby will feel less pain. This kind of system belongs to Asthenia Cold. At ordinary times, it is suitable to press' Sanyinjiao 'and' Taichong ', two acupoints that are conducive to promoting blood circulation and qi circulation: among them,' Sanyinjiao 'is located on the inner side of the leg and three fingers on the upper edge of the medial malleolus of the foot; while' Taichong 'is located on the back of the foot and between the thumb and the second toe. When dysmenorrhea or abdominal pain occurs, massage these two points can help relieve symptoms. (if you don't know where the acupoints are, you can ask Du Niang)

3. Diet

It's said that eating chocolate or sweets can relieve dysmenorrhea and make people feel better. Xiao Jiu has tried it, but it really doesn't work. And Dr Daniel sister, an anti-aging expert, showed last year that comforting aunts with sweets can accelerate women's skin aging. Because excessive polysaccharides can cause glucose molecules to attach to the proteins in collagen, thus forming advanced glycation end products (ages). This sticky compound can harden other elastic fibers in the skin, resulting in fine lines, spots, and wrinkles.

Therefore, it is best to have a balanced diet, such as eating less sweet or salty food and eating more vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish. Before going to bed to drink a cup of hot milk with a spoonful of honey can reduce the pain of dysmenorrhea. In addition, banana is rich in vitamin B6, stable mood, and can reduce abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea feel uncomfortable, you can eat more bananas.