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Is a low smile a precursor to Alzheimer's disease?

It's usually said that girls who love to laugh don't have bad luck. Is that true? Maybe you'll have Alzheimer's disease if you laugh a little bit less~

A new study finds that an increasingly unusual sense of humor is likely to be an early sign of dementia, including inappropriate laughter.

Researchers at University College London published a study in the Journal of Alzheimer's disease that looked at the family and friends of 48 dementia patients who had known each other at least 15 years before the onset. Many patients' families and friends are aware of a change in the patient's sense of humor.

The study found that patients often laugh in 'obviously inappropriate' situations, including watching news reports about natural disasters, or just seeing other people's cars not parked properly, and some patients even laugh when they see their loved ones severely scalded.

The study found that people with dementia often find satire and absurd comedies far less interesting than comedies like Mr. Bean. Respondents said that after the diagnosis, they noticed a dramatic change in the patient's preference for vulgarity and comedy.

The study found that the number of dementia patients who preferred satire and absurd comedy was much lower than that of other patients.

The study found that the change of sense of humor is particularly common in two special types of dementia: semantic dementia and a series of prefrontal dementia that make patients lose self-control and unable to adapt to social situations, and it also occurs frequently in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

'in the early days, they just laughed at things that were a little funny, frivolous and not polite. Now they laugh at things that are not funny, and even say & lsquo; I just want to laugh, and I don't even know why I laugh & rsquo;' one interviewee wrote: 'one year when I severely scalded myself, they thought it was very funny. '

'I have asthma - they sometimes laugh when I struggle to breathe. 'another patient's relative wrote.

Many people say that after suffering from dementia, the mature sense of humor previously acquired by the patients disappears, and they can only laugh with their families when they see some low-level farce comedies and hear pornographic jokes. 'their sense of humor, which used to be full of wisdom, has disappeared. Their laughing points have become lower and shallower. When others laugh, they also laugh. 'one wrote.

'They don't have a sense of humor at all. They don't really find anything interesting. They just giggle and laugh when it's completely out of place. 'another wrote. One person once said that their sick family's so-called sense of humor has become 'more vulgar and schematized, and everything is now' funny '.

Dr Simon Ridley, from Alzheimer's Research UK in the UK, said that if you notice a similar behavior change at home, you should contact your doctor immediately.

'although when we hear the word & lsquo; dementia & quot;, we first associate it with amnesia, this study reminds us to pay attention to some other symptoms related to our daily life and interpersonal relationships. 'he told the BBC.

A comprehensive and in-depth understanding of dementia symptoms will help to improve our ability of timely and accurate diagnosis.