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Why get up early, bitter inside mouth?

When you get up in the morning, your mouth is bitter and you have no appetite to eat anything. You can pay attention to the bitter mouth, which reflects a bad function in your body~

The common causes of bitter mouth in the morning are as follows:

1. Hepatobiliary inflammation: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the morning, such as bitter mouth, is mainly caused by damp heat. The dampness and heat of liver and gallbladder and bitter mouth may be caused by inflammation of liver and gallbladder. Such as when the liver or gallbladder inflammation, bile excretion disorders lead to bitter mouth;

2. Hot stomach and bitter mouth: due to unreasonable diet, eating too much spicy food will also cause bitter mouth. Patients with poor gastric motility and esophageal inflammation can also have bitter mouth due to bile reflux to the stomach.

3. Irregular life, lack of sleep and rest, excessive smoking and drinking can cause mouth pain; snoring, sleeping with mouth open, oral inflammation are also prone to mouth pain.

4. Mental stomachache: due to the work of mental pressure, coupled with improper diet, irregular, less activity and other characteristics, its gastrointestinal function sluggish, eating food in the gastrointestinal stay too long, it is easy to produce damp heat, can also cause stomachache.

5. Some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, also have a bitter mouth.

Prevention and treatment: the best way to prevent and cure the bitter mouth is to cure the primary disease, get rid of the bad habits in life, such as smoking, drinking, and pay attention to oral hygiene.

1. People with chronic diseases should treat the bitter mouth caused by etiology.

2. Relieve psychological pressure, keep the law of life and diet, reasonable food structure, eat less spicy, eat more fruits and vegetables, etc.

3. Exercise properly to promote the normal operation of digestive function;

4. Vitamin C tablets are effective for any cause of mouth pain. Vitamin usage is three times a day, each time 2 ~ 3 tablets, put under the tongue. Bitter gourd can also treat bitter mouth.