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Why do roses have thorns

The bright rose is a symbol of flame. The more colorful the rose is, the more eye-catching it is

It turns out that roses are born with thorns.

It is said that the brighter the rose thorn, the more it grows. If you find that there is a bunch of such roses attracted to you, you can't control yourself and want to pick one or more, you can get the best

Things are the freshness of your hands

。 But I heard that once such a rose likes it

If you pick them, they will prick themselves,

Shun let you pick away.

Confused: do roses have thorns;

The answer is this: there must be thorns, which is the inherent patent of rose. But rose also has such a flexible policy, that is, when she doesn't want to stab you and likes you to pick, she will put away the edge of the stab and stab you in front of her

Who is better than sheep

Shun: if she doesn't like your picking, the roses will play with 18 kinds of martial arts and stab you

The top sores, the soles of the feet flow thick. 1: You are a villain, two: since you want to be bad, let you be bad to the end, and make you immortal. ­

Isn't that a rose

What do you hate? Well, it's true.

There is such a rose, is to make people greedy, hand greedy rose. A picking guy thinks he has extraordinary strength and wants to own this bright flower

Hua'er, after she failed in vain, lost her hair and only used the general skills of 18 kinds of martial arts,

Yes, but it's strange,

And it's pouring out of the nose. Such a rose can only hate and love

Oh. You get a truth: if it's your rose, you'll get it

No matter how good-looking it is, you can only look at it from a distance and not play it blasphemously

。 Rose has thorns. She only stabs villains, not gentlemen. You should remember, don't make unnecessary sacrifice.

Death of you, thorny roses, I wish you a long memory.