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Why is Jackie Chan's son named Jaycee Chan? What is Jackie Chan's real name?

International superstar Jackie Chan's son is named Fang Zuming? Netizens are curious, why Jackie Chan's son's surname is Fang Zuming or not? Many people are curious that Fang Zuming is Jackie Chan's son, why Fang Zuming is Fang Zuming or not? Here is the reason why Jackie Chan's son is named Fang Zuming carefully arranged by Xiaobian for you. Let's have a look.

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The reason why Jackie Chan's son named Fang Zuming

Jackie Chan's real name is not 'Chen Gangsheng', but 'Fang Shilong'! When Jackie Chan had dinner with his fans in Bangkok, he confessed his life experience for the first time, and his 80 year old father was also on the scene. The elder brother's response also indirectly shows that the news that a man surnamed Fang claimed to be 'Dragon brother' in China a few years ago does not seem to be fabricated. Jackie Chan has a lot of questions from his fans, such as his missing teeth and humor. He feels that he plans to make films. However, Jackie Chan is stunned by the last question "what's your real name?" but he is still willing to answer: "my family name is Fang. Jackie Chan's real name: Fang Shilong, Chen Gangsheng Jackie Chan is the most respected elder brother in the Chinese performing arts circle. It is not until Hong Kong director Zhang wanting's documentary "the depths of the Dragon: the lost jigsaw puzzle" reveals Jackie Chan's unknown life experience.

Host: when it comes to this name, actually I know why your surname is Fang. Many netizens don't know. You may have answered it many times, but can you say it again? Fang Zuming: because my grandfather's surname is Fang. Host: my grandfather's surname is Fang. Fang Zuming: Yes. My ancestral home is from Shandong, and my ancestors are quite famous. When it came to my grandfather's generation, because my grandfather wanted to be a spy in the mainland, he had to be anonymous. There were many names. Fang was easy to recognize, so he changed his surname to Chen. My father didn't know his surname until he was in his forties. Fanglong was hard to hear and people wouldn't accept. So he didn't change his name. I changed Fang's name when I was young. '

Jackie Chan's growth experience


Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1954. His ancestral home is Fangqiao village, Shenxiang Town, Jiujiang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. Jackie Chan's parents initially worked in the French Consulate. His father was a cook and a Beijing opera fan. Jackie Chan liked to fight when he was a child, because he lived in the Consulate Area on the top of the mountain, and the neighborhood was full of French and Americans, so he often fought with foreign children. This situation lasted until the first grade of his primary school. Because they often fight and make trouble, they can't be upgraded. Jackie Chan likes to watch martial arts movies as well as fight. At that time, Jackie Chan worshipped Cao Dahua, Yu suqiu and other stars, and wanted to go to the mountains to learn art.

In 1961, Jackie Chan's father took him to meilidu building in Tsim Sha Tsui to visit Master Yu Zhanyuan, a martial arts student of Beijing opera. He was the father of Yu suqiu, a martial arts actress Jackie Chan worships. Jackie Chan saw that the students here were practicing martial arts diligently. He felt very envious and asked his father to let him practice martial arts here. As a result, Jackie Chan became a member here, and became seven little blessings with Hong Jinbao (Yuanlong), yuankui, Yuanhua, Yuanbin, Yuande and yuanbiao. Master Yu Zhanyuan's education method is basically the strict and hard practice of the old opera rules. The way to control the children's work and practice is to beat and punish them. In less than four days, Jackie Chan regretted it. In the early days, Jackie Chan used to cry at night.

Period of martial arts training

In the 1960s, in an opera class, Jackie Chan got up at 5 a.m. every day to practice until 12 p.m. They live such a regular life every day, but they are most excited when they wait for relief every month. Dozens of children gathered together, waiting for the Red Cross to deliver relief supplies, including white rice, milk powder, food and so on. Children line up for half a day to wait for the food they are given. Usually, they eat a big pot of rice. The girls are responsible for cooking in turn. They have enough food to eat. As for the side dishes, they have to be robbed.

Jackie Chan's stage name in the qixiaofu period was yuanlou. With his skill, they lived in Liyuan amusement park and performed Peking Opera for a long time. They did everything in a play. They were busy dressing behind the scenes and performing martial arts in front of the scenes. In addition, the set was a place where they often went to and from. When they were young, they played child roles, extras and so on, so Jackie Chan came out early and became a real Kung Fu talent.

Martial arts period

In the 1970s, Jackie Chan worked as a martial arts teacher during the day and went back to his father's home to sleep at night. At the age of 17, Jackie Chan graduated from his master. According to the old rule, he knelt down and kowtowed to his master, thanking him for his help.

In 1971, Jackie Chan began to work as a martial arts teacher, mainly in Shao's role as a dragon runner. When he was a martial arts teacher, his name was Chen Yuanlong. He was a stand in for famous actors. During this period, Jackie Chan lived a romantic life. After work, he played, danced, drank and went to nightclubs. Like other martial arts masters, he lived a laissez faire life without tomorrow.

To be a martial arts teacher, you have to go through life and death. What you sell is labor. Unfortunately, your position is humble. Every day waiting for the director to pick people, in order to be selected in front of many people, Jackie Chan often works hard to perform, so he is often selected by the director. In JingWuMen, Jackie Chan and Yuan Biao play the Japanese ronin who was beaten by Bruce Lee. Jackie Chan also doubles Suzuki who was kicked by Chen Zhen and hit the wall at the end of the film. At that time, it was shot of Bruce Lee kicking people with flying feet, but the actors who were kicked couldn't stand Bruce Lee's strength. The strong Jackie Chan offered to be a stand in for the actor and got the kick from Bruce Lee. [4] Because he is young, flexible and brave to try, directors are willing to use him. If there are any difficult movements, they will think of Chen Yuanlong. In the 1970s, Jackie Chan imitated the image of Bruce Lee, but he never became popular. Later Jackie Chan turned to Kung Fu Comedy.