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Why can nightmares happen when sleeping at night? How should nightmares happen when sleeping?

Nightmares refer to the sleep disorder characterized by terrifying dreams and anxiety and fear. Why nightmares occur at night? The influence of the four seasons climate and excessive emotional stimulation will become exogenous pathogens that invade the body, and then move with the blood in the body, causing the soul to fly, making people uneasy and dream.

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Reasons for nightmares at night:

The room smells bad.

What you smell before and during sleep affects your dreams. Studies have shown that smelling flowers to sleep can lead to good dreams, while smelling odors like sulfur can lead to nightmares. Before going to bed, you can spray some cherry blossom plant essential oil in your bedroom to help you fall asleep.

The environment is noisy.

When sleeping, try to keep the room quiet. Sleeping with the TV on and listening to noisy music will affect the quality of sleep and make it easy to have nightmares. When sleeping, you can put some soft music such as the sound of ocean waves to help the human body relax and enter deep sleep.

Angry and quarrelling.

Don't quarrel with others before going to bed. Negative words and sounds can make people sleep hard. Parents should not criticize their children before they go to bed.

Eat spicy food before going to bed.

Eating cheese and spicy food before going to bed can affect digestion, make people excited and make people have nightmares. Dinner should be eaten 2 hours before going to bed at the latest. Try not to drink coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks after 14 PM.

Insufficient or excessive intake of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is converted into coenzyme in the human body and is essential for the synthesis of serotonin, a sleeping substance. If the intake is insufficient, it is easy to cause nightmares, while excessive intake will make it difficult to sleep. It is safer to get vitamin B6 by eating avocados, bananas, nuts, meat and other foods.

Sleep on an empty stomach.

Fasting state can lead to hypoglycemia, it is easy to wake up in the process of sleep. Can eat a banana or drink a glass of milk before going to bed to supplement tryptophan, help calm mind, have a good dream.

What about nightmares?

Reduce bad stimulation. At ordinary times, we should watch more healthy and pleasant videos or novels, and less or try not to watch movies or novels that are easy to form nightmares, so as to avoid bad stimulation stored in memory. It's best not to overuse the brain before sleep, so as not to cause dreams due to excessive excitation of cerebral cortex.

Pay attention to sleeping posture. Generally, it is better to sleep in right position. When sleeping on your back, your hands and feet should be vertical naturally, and the pillow should not be too high. We should correct the bad habit of sleeping on the stomach.

Prevention of physiological diseases. Many experiments have shown that physiological and pathological stimuli in the human body may be incorporated into dreams. Some slight inflammation of the human body, in the conscious state, often can not feel, and the slight stimulation caused by inflammation in sleep may lead to nightmares. If someone has a throat pinched in his dream, he will be found suffering from pharyngitis.

In fact, everyone dreams when they sleep. During the period before sleep, the body is in a state of relaxation, and the brain wave shows' slow wave '. People's eyeballs are basically' fixed ', which is called' slow wave sleep '; After a period of time, you enter a relatively deep sleep. At this time, if you observe the sleepers' eyeballs, it is a relatively fast 'rotation' state, and the 'fluctuation' of brain wave activity is also relatively large, and you enter a fast wave state, which is called 'fast wave sleep'. Because the human brain receives a lot of information when it is awake, it makes corresponding reactions and actions under the condition that all parts of the body are 'co-ordinated' with each other, and completes all the work, activities, and other behaviors that we need, and a lot of information is stored by the brain (memory, and if the information received is more 'stimulating', it may be more 'firm' in memory After people go to sleep, many parts of the body begin to rest, and some parts of the brain also begin to rest, but some of them are still 'sorting out' the information they receive when they are awake, so they begin to 'dream'. At this time, some parts of the body and brain are resting, so the brain is incoherent in 'sorting out some information'. Such 'made out' dreams, that is, dreams, are often incoherent, and may even be 'strange' phenomenon. If the sleep posture (such as putting hands on the chest when sleeping) or some stimulation affects the smooth breathing or blood circulation at this time In the process of 'sorting out information', the brain will feel the information that seems to be harmful to people. At this time, people may have 'nightmares'.

Generally, under normal circumstances, a 'slow wave sleep' and a 'fast wave sleep' is a 'sleep cycle', the time is about 90 minutes, in the whole sleep time, there can be multiple sleep cycles; If a person wakes up during the fast wave sleep cycle of sleep or wakes up for some reason, he will remember or even "very clearly" remember the dreams he had during fast wave sleep. As for many times or almost every time I wake up, I can remember my dreams. Apart from being unable to get a good sleep due to environmental problems, it's my sleep quality.

Nightmares represent diseases:

1. Dream of people or monsters hitting your head, or to your facial features perfusion fluid, etc.

It is suggested that patients may have brain tumors and nervous system diseases.

2. I heard a strange noise in my dream.

It is suggested that there may be some lesions or nearby arteriosclerosis in the auditory center.

3. Dream of trachea stuck, breathing is not smooth, suffocation.

It is suggested that there may be pathological changes in the respiratory system.

4. I was chased in my dream, I was afraid, I couldn't cry out, I couldn't run. After waking up, the heart palpitation, sweating, heart beat faster.

It is suggested that the blood supply of coronary artery may be insufficient.

5. In the dream, walking is unstable, the body is twisted, the body is heavy, and accompanied by a sense of suffocation, and will suddenly wake up.

It is suggested that it may be the precursor of angina pectoris.

6. Dream of falling from a height, but has not yet fallen to the ground has awakened.

Hint: it may be the precursor of heart disease.

7. Dream of fire scenes, such as being burned.

Hint: may have hypertension.

8. Dream of water scenes, such as floods, swamps, drowning, etc.

It is suggested that hepatobiliary system and kidney may have pathological changes.

9. Dream of flying.

It is suggested that there may be pathological changes in the circulatory system.

10. Dream of ferocious villains.

It is suggested that there may be pathological changes in digestive system.

11. I was beaten in my dream and felt pain in the hit part after waking up.

It is suggested that there may be latent lesions in the corresponding viscera.

12. When you eat strange food in your dream, you still have a peculiar smell in your mouth after waking up; or when you feel hungry in your dream, you eat a lot of food and feel painful after waking up.

It is suggested that gastrointestinal diseases may exist.